Karnataka's defining moments | Episode 5

The lead:Karnataka's defining moments | Episode 5: The ryots' rights

There are farmers still in protest at the borders of Delhi

Farmers during a protest against the Center's new farm laws at Singhu Border in New Delhi. Credit: PTI Photo

In the past few weeks, we have seen the farming community stand up against the three new laws enacted by the Union government. As I speak and you hear this episode dated 18th of December 2020, there are farmers still in protest at the borders of Delhi.

In today's episode, we are informed by the situations faced by the farmers in Karnataka and the history of the state with regards to farming and the movements by agriculture economist T N Prakash Kammardi, who has also held the position of the Chairman of Karnataka Agricultural Prices Commission.

That's all in today's episode. This is part of a series by Deccan Herald where distinguished voices discuss the inspiring ideas that shaped the history of the state in the last six decades.

See you next week with another moment that has defined Karnataka.