Victoria Hospital women doctors file plaint against CMO

Victoria Hospital women doctors file plaint against CMO

Among the other complaints against the doctor are verbally abusing women staff and threatening them to ensure they are suspended or fired.

As many as 15 women doctors working at the Trauma Care Centre in Victoria Hospital have submitted a written complaint against the Casualty Medical Officer, Dr Madhusoodhan claiming that he misbehaved with them.

The complaint was handed over to Dr Balaji Pai who is the special officer of the Centre.

An incident that occurred at the Hospital on Wednesday triggered a series of reactions, with doctors gathering at the office of the higher authorities to lodge a complaint against Dr Madhusoodhan.

According to sources, when a senior doctor, Dr Aseema Banu, Nodal officer of Trauma Care Centre was on the hospital premises while a Kayakalpa inspection was underway, Dr Madhusoodhan entered the room that she was working at and tried to operate her computer without seeking permission. When Dr Banu tried to intervene and stop him from using her office system, he abused her and hit her on the hand.

Before this incident, on the same day, he also misbehaved with one of the members of the department of health and family welfare who was inspecting the hospital for Kayakalpa and sought to know how she had entered the hospital without permission.

"The Health and Family welfare department staff was abused. While some senior doctors at the hospital tried to intervene, he abused them also in foul language forcing the authorities to have the police intervene. Even the in house security was not called as the Police attention was needed. This is not a one-off incident," said the source.

Meanwhile, Dr Balaji Pai, special officer, Trauma Care Centre has received all complaints from the other female staff as well.

"A month ago, at the Bescom office near the mortuary a street play was organised to create public awareness about saving electricity. 

An assistant engineer who was performing a street play along with linemen was also abused in foul language," said the source.

Among the other complaints against him are verbally abusing women staff and threatening them to ensure they are suspended or fired.

When DH reached out to Dr Balaji Pai, he confirmed that the complaints were received. The office of the minister of medical education has been informed in this regards besides the director of the Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute. When DH tried to reach Dr Madhusoodhan for reaction, there was no response.