Unborn baby saves mom's life by kicking in womb!

Unborn baby saves mom's life by kicking in womb!

Mother-to-be 26-year-old Claire feared she was losing him 18 weeks into the pregnancy. But, doctors discovered the "miscarriage" was actually a tumour of the womb -- which her unborn son had kicked free, the 'News of the World' reported.

Claire was advised to have an abortion immediately so her cancer could be treated. But she said: "I couldn't end my baby's life when he had just saved mine.

"The cancer had been growing for months -- if he had not kicked the tumour it would have carried on growing until it was too late. I knew if anything happened to me, then this baby would be loved, so I was willing to take that risk."

She continued with the pregnancy until 26 weeks, when the tumour had trebled in size. Then doctors told beautician Claire and her partner Harry they had to deliver her baby then -- but gave him only a 40 per cent chance of survival.

Little Harry weighed just a little over two pounds when he was born at St Thomas's Hospital in London.

Claire was quoted by the leading British tabloid as saying, "He was so tiny. We were just praying he would pull through. They showed him to me and then quickly rushed him down to intensive care."

Claire is now in remission and her boy is a healthy two-year-old. She said: "We were both allowed home on the same day, which was lovely. I feel like the luckiest mum in the world, for both my son and I to have survived."