Upendra begins selection of candidates for 2018 polls

Upendra begins selection of candidates for 2018 polls

Upendra begins selection of candidates for 2018 polls

Actor-turned-politician Upendra on Saturday said his newly-formed party, Karnataka Prajnavantha Janata Paksha (KPJP), will finalise candidates for all 224 Assembly constituencies in the state by December, while formally inviting applications from citizens to take the plunge.  

Dressed in a khaki uniform, which has become the signature of his party, Upendra also launched his party's website - www.kpjpuppi.org - and a mobile app named Prajakeeya where ticket aspirants can get more information on how they can apply. "Literally, anyone can apply regardless of education, caste or religion. Street smartness and the desire to bring about change is the only criteria," Upendra said.

Upendra said he had already shortlisted as many as 500 candidates who have approached him with "brilliant and fantastic" ideas. "But not all of them are willing to contest in the elections," he said. "Those interested can visit our website or use the app. The prospective candidates will be finalised after a screening process, where we will assess their vision and honesty. We expect the process to be completed in about a month's time," he said.

Upendra said he had received 50,000 emails from citizens expressing support to Prajakeeya, a term he has coined to denote his idea of politicking. "Getting a place in most political parties is driven by money. We want to break this notion. We will also disprove the belief that a political party cannot be built without money," he said. "Our path is difficult, but success is guaranteed," he said.

The party hopes to bring out a manifesto for each Assembly constituency. "This will be possible when candidates come to us with micro-level plans for each constituency," he said.  

At the launch of his party's website and app, Upendra left the chairs on the dais empty. "This is to symbolize that it is not for me or my party's office-bearers to occupy the stage. It is for citizens to take the lead," he said.

At the formal launch of his party recently, Upendra had made mediapersons to occupy the seats on the dais.