Villages lead a no-tax campaign

Officers daring to try and collect taxes are held captive by residents

Villages lead a no-tax campaign

Honnur village in Yalandur taluk

Officers daring to step into these village to collect taxes are held captive. Hence no officer dares to enter these villages, rendering them literally tax-free!

Residents of Honnur, Kestur, Katnavadi, Malligehalli, Devarahalli, Buditittu, Gawdahalli, Chamalapur, Yarangaballi, Y K Mole, Mallahalli, Duggatti and Komaranapur have not paid taxes for many years. Huge tax arrears running to several lakhs of rupees are pending. Raitha Sangha, Hasiru Sene and other progressive organisations are supporting the villagers in their no-tax agitation.  

“At a time of receding agriculture activities meeting both ends meet is an adventure. How do you expect us to pay taxes?” asks Hasiru Sene district president Mahesh Kumar.
Unity among the villages had prevented the officials from disconnecting power supply, and if they insisted on disconnection, the residents were left with no option but to hold them captive in a cow-shed or tie to a pole, he says.

“We want no rebates or subsidies. Let the government fix tax on agriculture produce in a scientific manner. Let there be facilities provided without discriminating between urban and rural areas. Then we too will pay tax,” Prasanna a young farmer of Honnur says.
More than 2,000 residents from Honnur village have not paid taxes on land, drinking water, irrigation, house and electricity to the tune of Rs 60 lakh. 

Residents of Heggavadipur, Deshavalli, Jyotigowdanapur, Alur, Hebbasur and some on Venkatayyana Chatra and Hosur have followed suit.

The most affected by this agitation is Chamarajanagar Electricity Supply Company (CESC) which is unable to collect millions of rupees the villages owe it. CESC officers are too intimidated to enter the villages to disconnect power supply, as in the past the villagers have resorted to a ‘citizen’s arrest.’

“As many as 75 per cent of the population in the country are farmers. With the taxes paid by the farmers industrialists, traders and politicians are leading a luxurious life. Why should we pay taxes?”General secretary of Chamarajnagar  district Raita Sangha, Honnur Prakash says.

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