Voters should choose regional parties: Deve Gowda

Voters should choose regional parties: Deve Gowda

Voters should choose regional parties: Deve Gowda

JD(S) National President H D Deve Gowda said here on Wednesday that for the welfare of the state, voters need to choose regional parties during the upcoming Assembly polls.  

He was speaking after inaugurating the party workers meeting at the town government girls PUC College.    

He cited Tamil Nadu and said that it was a fine example for Karnataka to follow. They have blocked the influence of national parties."The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to Karunanidhi's house for talks. This shows the strength of regional parties," he added.    

JD(S) does not belong any family. "It is not my intention to make H D Kumaraswamy the chief minister. There is a need for a party that works   for the farmers of the state by addressing the water and land problems. "I became PM by accident. However, I addressed issues of the common people. People know that," he asserted.    

Gowda said that when Tamil Nadu raised the Meke Daatu issue Chief Minister Siddaramaiah approached him and informed him of the problem and Gowda went on a hunger strike before the Gandhi statue. "I called the PM and told him that if the Centre does not intervene and resolve the issue, I would give up my life. He assured me that he would address the issue," Gowda said.    

National parties like that Congress and BJP are continuously trying to oppress regional parties. Farmers must not commit suicide. If JD(S) comes to power, farmers loans will be waived Gowda added.  

He also said that if the party comes to power, senior citizens over 70 years of age will be given Rs. 5,000 as pension. But for that Kumaraswamy has to become chief minister. That power he needs to get from the people.