Water sought from Maharashtra

The State government will take all measures to ensure timely supply of drinking water to Bijapur and Bagalkot districts by buying water from Maharashtra


Water Resources Minister Basavaraj Bommai, on Friday, told the Legislative Assembly that Karnataka, which had proposed for Maharashtra to release 4 tmc ft water each to Krishna and Bhima Rivers, was making concerted efforts to ensure that the neighbouring State acceded to the demand.

He was replying to a questyion raised by legislators, including Srikanth Kulkarni (BJP) and Shivaraj Tangadagi (Independent) under Rule 69. The MLAs had appealed to the government to ensure that Maharashtra releases water immediately, the failure of which would have drastic implications on North Karnataka districts especially Bijapur and Bagalkot.

“The government’s priority districts are Chitradurga (which has no water source) and Bijapur (which has five river sources but no water for itself). If we can supply water to these two districts successfully then we can take on any challenge,” Bommai said.

He added that he had informed Maharashtra’s water resources minister about the demand.

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