'Wayanad Calling' rally to revive eco-tourism in Kerala

'Wayanad Calling' rally to revive eco-tourism in Kerala

K R Vanchishwar, president, Wayanad Tourism Organisation, on Thursday, announced that a 'Wayanad Calling' motor rally, to promote sustainable eco-tourism in Kerala, would be held on October 6.

Addressing the media, he said that the rally would be flagged-off from Lalith hotel at 6 am, in Bengaluru, and would culminate in Wayanad. Enthusiasts riding superbikes and driving jeeps would undertake the journey via Mysuru and Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

The rally would comprise 40 superbikes and 25 jeeps. Bikers from many clubs were participating. Spot registrations could be done. The rally experiences would be promoted on social media.

Rally to boost tourism

Vanchishwar observed that tourism was the biggest revenue generator for Kerala and Wayanad. The recent rain havoc had caused a drop of 60-70% tourist footfall. In the last 3-4 months, Wayanad had lost Rs 10-15 crore, he added.

He said that Kerala and Wayanad were a part of the tourist circuit including Coorg, Bandipur and Kabini. The 'Wayanad Calling Rally' was an effort to revive falling tourist traffic.

Tourism norms tightened

Vanchishwar said the recent floods had led to tighter tourism norms in Kerala. To ensure that no unregulated tourism takes place, Kerala Tourism department had tightened regulations concerning hotels and resorts.

High rises banned 

High rise buildings are now banned in Wynad. No building over two floors were permitted. Audits of every tourist destination would be carried out based on its carrying capacity.

The government and tourism stakeholders were also identifying new destinations to accommodate mass tourism. Wildlife tourism and safari jeeps would be regulated, he added.