Why are we letting Kashmiri youths join militancy?

Why are we letting Kashmiri youths join militancy?

"Become a militant and lead an enjoyable life with service to Islam" seems to be the new age marketing mantra to misguide and attract Kashmiri youths to join militancy in Kashmir. But, how can you serve a religion by pelting stones and by becoming a militant is the basic question. So, the primary job of J&K and Central governments is to counter this meaningless marketing by promoting pro-nation marketing advertisements in social media. We have been achieving wonders in technology, improving in sports domain, making good progress in health care domain, making great strides in technology implementation in day-to-day life and so on. With so much to give to our youths, why are we letting our Kashmiri youths to slide and join militancy!!??

Good popular schemes will deter Kadhmir youths from following Burhan Wani and other celebrated militants.

Why can't our governments give special status to good educated youths from Kashmir and give reservation in higher education and jobs for some period in time till social life is streamlined.

Our governments should think upon this.

Srihari Sharma M.J


Insurgency has turned out to be an inspiration in Jammu and Kashmir. The temporal blood stains of the militants create an eternal fear. In the name of religion, these terror outfits were and are attempting to bring a 'sort of freedom' to Kashmir from India. DH Insight has given an excellent report on a burning issue of national as well as worldwide concern . 
It is yet surprising that some carry out militancy just for mere entertainment and fun or for spiritual reasons such as afterlife rewards.The agonised stories of the three's families from the article are heartfelt only when we stand in their place, though we live in South India, which is not much prone to such issues . The only way to prevent clashes is to provide moral education to the youth to avoid their misperceptions about the unlikely 'rewards ' in the due future. Amidst terrorism, one should learn that there are many other burning issues a state should concentrate about.

Pradhyumna R,


A series of insightful and highly investigative articles have become a unique feature of the Sunday edition of your esteemed newspaper, and earnest readers like me are treated to an intellectual and thought-provoking fare every Sunday. In fact ,all the recent write-ups are extremely relevant and have appeared at the most opportune moment when issues like the large-scale destruction of the pristine and the most precious western ghats and the burning issue of Kashmir have become the major concern of all Indians.

The Devadasi system, a blot on the social fabric of our State, has been brought out most thoroughly by the author.The pervasive issue still lingers on despite numerous efforts to snuff it out and this is a challenge to our society.The most painful part is the total neglect of such glaring issues by the political leadership as also by the people who have the ability to make the right noises - the writers and the spiritual leaders. Your Paper has become a harbinger of change by focusing the media attention on socially relevant articles.
I am indeed grateful to your paper for all these wonderful facets that characterize my favourite newspaper.

Congratulations to team Deccan Herald. 

Prof K Narayanan


This has references to the article which appeared on Sunday. I am a resident of Srinagar and knows the ground realities of inherited cause of Kashmir. The present militancy draws support only from corrupt civilians or stone pelters and most such supporters are drug addicts or lawbreakers. The so-called power addict politicians are extending support through JRL.

Let us wait for the outcome of the local bodies election results and let them assume office of administration and utilise all central grants which will strengthen rural development and curtail high level corrupt practices. The fact remains that the militants have lost most of their leaders. Now hard-core militants are in the vicinity of Indian forces. No doubt, within a short span of time, the search operations and actions initiated by the government forces will give us positive news. Let us extend a big salute to the Indian army and the committed soldiers.


Thank you for your well-presented article on the militancy in Kashmir. It is indeed a matter of concern that a large number of young and educated men are joining the militant groups in Kashmir. There are very many reasons for this, important among which is spread of false propaganda through electronic media. The militants are wooing the students and others to join their groups, promising them a bright future by showing the photographs of militants enjoying good perks. Besides, they create hatred among youth by publishing articles to brain-wash them. Thus, the youth fall prey to their designs in the hope of seeing a better tomorrow. To add insult to injury, it is unfortunate that Pakistan is trying to create unrest in the region by encouraging militants to fulfill its political agenda.

No doubt, the military and the police are doing excellent work in combating militancy in Kashmir. But, their hands are tied as they have to face the public wrath and opposition from human right activists. It is the responsibility of the government and the religious leaders to educate the youth to shun militancy and stay in the mainstream to bring back peace and glory to the region. A stable government is the need of the hour to achieve this goal.



My heartfelt thanks to DH Insight team for covering the Kashmir militancy issue in detail. What shocked me to a great extent is that the people who help army and inform them about the hideouts of militants are socially boycotted. Just because they are the patriotic people towards mother India. I am heartbroken to know about the situation in Kashmir and the youths choosing a wrong path and destroying their future. Something should be done to stop all these wrong and sinful activities.



Apropos " Young and educated, the new face of militancy in Kashmir" ,the current situation in the valley is because of the evil-minded religious people who are doctoring the minds of innocent and talented youths of the valley with pro or anti India thoughts, for their political survival. It is very heartening to know that 594 militants have been killed between 2016- 2018 and some of them had discontinued their education to take up the gun and to fight for a wrong cause. Is it not surprising that, till date no son or daughter of the so-called political leaders has taken up the gun to fight for Kashmir? If the unsuspecting youth are made aware of the fact that the children of political leaders are highly educated and are kept away from the Valley, this will make them realise that they are fighting for the wrong people. The separatist leaders have systematically deprived education to people of the Valley by burning down schools, to ensure a ready stock of uneducated and unemployed youth is available for stone pelting and other nefarious activities. As long as education and employment remain distant dreams, the Valley will be bleeding only to make it more easier for religious and political leaders to execute their cynical  and anti-India plans.

Dr Pranesh Kulkarni