Yechury seeks fresh elections to Karnataka Assembly

we oppose: CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury and the party’s Karnataka Secretariat member G N Nagaraj at a party programme in Bangalore on Saturday. dh Photo

Speaking after inaugurating CPI(M)’s “Throw out BJP, save democracy,” an awareness campaign in Bangalore, Yechury called for a  people’s movement against what he called “political immorality” and against siphoning of funds for personal gain by politicians.

He said the BJP government only had a technical majority in the Assembly following the disqualification of 11 rebels. “Elementary norms of democracy mandate that a Government should enjoy majority of the full House. Fresh elections need to be held to restore democratic principles in the State,” he said. The CPI(M) leader alleged the State Government was indulging in “shoddy deals” and “unethical practices” to stay in power.

Dangerous precedent

He charged that the ruling BJP in the State had set a dangerous precedent of distorting people’s will and mandate by money power.

The BJP, he alleged, was manipulating the system for personal gains. Three ministers in the State had to quit following charges of corruption. Charges of favouritism had also been made against Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, Yechury alleged.

At the Centre, the Congress government had been found neck deep in a slew of scams. The 2G telecom scam had caused losses to the exchequer to the tune of Rs 1.73 lakh crore, he said and pointed out that same amount was sufficient to provide total food security to every family in the country or ensuring a school in every village.

Later, speaking to reporters, he said the allegation made by former chief of the RSS K S Sudarshan against Congress President Sonia Gandhi were unacceptable.

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