CM to PM: Is farmer concern a 'chunavi jumla'?

CM to PM: Is farmer concern a 'chunavi jumla'?

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Saturday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not fully addressing the Mahadayi river water sharing dispute.

“Dear PM Modi avare, thank you for finally breaking your silence on Mahadayi. Would’ve been grateful had you replied to the letters urging you to invite CMs of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka for a dialogue,” Siddaramaiah tweeted. “Is your concern for farmers real or a ‘Chunavi Jumla’?” he asked further.

In another tweet, Siddaramaiah reminded Modi that only the PM could intervene in the Mahadayi issue “when the Goa CM does not agree for talks.” In the same tweet, Siddaramaiah asked Modi in Kannada: “So, you are always looking behind. Tell us what you will do going forward.”

Siddaramaiah’s tweets were in response to Modi’s remarks against the Congress with regard to Mahadayi dispute, at an election rally he addressed in Gadag earlier in the day.

Peeved by Modi’s allegations that the Congress government had misappropriated funds sanctioned for Smart Cities project, he asked the prime minister to prove the charges of corruption.