Stone inscription found near Alevooru

Stone inscription found near Alevooru

The stone inscription found at Kolapu Mahavishnumurthy Temple near Alevooru in Udupi taluk.

A triangle-shaped stone inscription, dating to 14th century, was unearthed outside the Kolapu Mahavishnumurthy Temple, near Alevooru in Udupi taluk. 

A ‘Shivalinga’ has been carved on the upper part of the inscription. There are two lamp posts on left and right sides. That apart Nandi, Sun and Moon have also been carved on the stone inscription.

The inscription runs into 19 lines. Unfortunately, seven lines on the bottom cannot be read properly. While a few writings on the top portion too have been erased. It looks like a grants inscription called ‘Dana Shasana’ (in Kannada), said MSRS College (Shirva) Associate Professor in Ancient History and Archaeology Prof T Murugeshi.

The inscription belonging to the Alupa dynasty mentions about an officer, who was in-charge of the temple. It looks like the inscription belongs to 14th century, he added. As per the inscription, the temple is called as Kolapu Mahavishnumurthy Temple. It was under the administration of an officer, who followed Jainism.

The architecture of the present Mahavishnumurthy Temple dates back to 17th century. It looks like it was a Shaiva temple under the administration of the aforementioned officer. Later, it fell into the hands of Vaishnavaites and became Mahavishnumurthy Temple, he added.