Oasis of pure indulgence

Oasis of pure indulgence

Shopping is not merely picking, swiping the card and walking away. In Las Vegas, it is an affair with money, razzle-dazzle and gobs of options.

Once upon a time on the floor of Mojave desert, there lay a rocky and arid land. Its palette brown, its mien quiet, its destiny unwritten yet. Then one fateful day, a trader named Antonio Armijo stepped into the stark desert, gave it the name Las Vegas (Spanish for The Meadows).

Many years later, the city was founded in 1905 and officially incorporated on June 1, 1911. One brick, one hotel, one casino, one glam doll at a time, the Native American oasis metamorphosed into the entertainment capital of the world. In Las Vegas, Everyman and Every Richman can buy, shop, indulge! 

Las Vegas


Shops at Crystals 

It is not often that one gets off a tram (or fly in a private jet), walks through a James Turrel art installation and steps into the world’s largest Louis Vuitton store that has speciality products that no other LV store sells. In The Shops at Crystals, luxury congregates. It is near-blasphemy to call it a mall. That sounds too limp for the country’s sole curated collection of luxury-only shops. Home to 50 luxury retailers, it is often the first place where limited edition or exclusive release products will drop. Prada, Tom Ford have private rooms for high-rollers, in Stella McCartney store hangs a Swarovski horse that took $1 million dollar to ship from Sir Paul McCartney castle in England, Tiffany even has a proposal balcony. The shop windows are so enchanting that they smack of art. Is it any surprise then that Hollywood’s glimmer bunch, billionaires and NBA men are regulars here? 

Las Vegas


North Premium outlets 

This village-style outdoor collection of 150 shops describes itself as every bargain shopper’s dream and advises people to come prepared with comfy shoes, sunglasses and bottled water as you’re about to get into some serious shopping! First, step into the Simon information centre and ask as many questions. They answer all with a smile. Not only that, they will also drop your bag to the hotel/home.

The country’s first mall — so far, the only one — to introduce the ‘Drop It service’, Simon’s unique friendly service is available for a fee of $15. Shop till you are about to drop dead, leave bags with the concierge (one bag or 50 bags, all for $15) and lo! they are at your room/doorstep soonest. If this is not the best customer service, what is? 

Las Vegas


The Strip 

The 3.5 mile Strip is the city’s USP. Chaos and fun walk the Strip hand-in-hand. Shed the myth that it is only about 99 cent souvenirs, $1 fuzzy dice, 4 for $10 tees (they are great buys though).

There are six certified Rolex dealers on the Strip alone, and one can buy a Ferrari or Maserati direct from the showroom at the Wynn.

Add to it the Fashion Show mall at the north-end of the Strip, Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino and The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. 

Las Vegas


Container Park 

Ever shopped inside a shipping container? Up-cycled shipping containers are stacked in Downtown that double up as artsy boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. It is quirky but worth the trip, the stuff, and live gigs.