Travel right and light

Travel right and light

Packing and planning for a holiday can be an arduous task but doing it right can save you time and resou

Packing for travel.

Travelling is meant to be relaxing, but sometimes, the whole exercise of packing and gearing up for the journey can be riddled with mistakes, giving us some anxious moments. Here are some ways to rid yourself of these mistakes and have a relaxed and rejuvenated holiday:

Not booking tickets in advance

Many of us book tickets in the last minute. In such cases, we end up paying more for the tickets. The last minute hassle may also play spoilsports. So, check and book tickets well in advance.

Avoid overpacking

Irrespective of whether you’re travelling by train or any other mode of transport, avoid extra luggage by counting the number of days of travel and then
pack accordingly. Less is definitely more, as you
can still present yourself in your unique style statement!

Travel insurance

Insurance is one of the most overlooked aspects of travel, but the same can actually be a lifesaver as many a time we may have to cancel our air ticket due to a last minute change. If our travel is insured, we can get a refund of our money, and again, if our luggage gets lost, there is a good chance that we can claim a refund. So make sure you insure your trip.

Check ticket timings

Honestly, this would have happened to all of us at least once, as we tend to assume the timings (get our am and pm wrong!) and do not do a recheck with the airlines. 

Over-planning an itinerary

While planning a trip, we often get so excited and overwhelmed by it that we tend to overdo our itinerary thinking that we can easily carry on the hectic schedule. But when we get down to doing it, we realise that the schedule has started taking a toll on us physically, and we cease to enjoy our trip. 

Check credit card policies

Different credit card companies have different plans on international trips. If you are planning an outbound tour, then you must check with your banks.

Carrying too much cash

Many of us are comfortable carrying cash rather than going cashless. But try not to carry too much cash as according to international policies, you can carry
only a limited amount of cash while travelling abroad.

Not checking transit time

When we are on international trips, having enough transit time between flights is a very important factor. Or else we might end up missing our next flight. 

No duplicate travel copies?

If you ever get into a situation where you lose your travel documents in an unknown country, having a duplicate copy of the same can make life easier in restoring your papers.

Buying too many souvenirs

We often get attracted to beautiful things that are specialties of the places we visit and want to bring back a piece of them in the form of souvenirs. However, too many of these souvenirs can weigh down your luggage and also land you in trouble at the airport.