Top apps for solo women travellers

Top apps for solo women travellers

Travel apps are every solo woman traveller's best buddies

Since the last decade, more than 35% of Indian women are opting to travel solo.

Ladies, are you thinking of that solo trip that hasn’t yet been marked off from your bucket lists? Well, it’s time to stop thinking and take a plunge. Solo travelling is simply awesome. In fact, according to experts, it has emerged as one of the most favourable options for Indian women travellers. Since the last decade, more than 35% of Indian women are opting to travel solo. As per the recent Asia Pacific (APAC) travel survey conducted by Airbnb, more than 70% of Indian women are more adventurous when it comes to trying local food and drink apart from exploring new experiences. This further indicates how they are coming out of their comfort zone and exploring places like never before.

But sometimes, it seems daunting being on your own, far away from the comfort of home. From feeling anxious and confused in terms of safety, feeling of loneliness, packing limited stuff for the trip and finding the best spots to visit all by yourself can prove to be a challenge in itself. But don’t worry, a little preparation and some of the best travel apps will get you through the rough spots:

• TripAdvisor: It is one of the best must-have apps for finding local attractions, restaurants and hotels with ratings and reviews. It also includes a tool to search low airfares among other key details which eases the process of planning a trip at a short notice. The users can also reach out to their TripAdvisor forum for more detailed information.

• SHEROES: The travel community in SHEROES app is a community of women who love travelling. Women can join the community to interact with like-minded women travellers, listen to some amazing travel stories, and get help and ideas for the next solo trip. This travel community offers the opportunity to explore the best and undiscovered places based on the experiences shared by women travellers from across the world. The community encourages women to share their experiences and travel stories while ensuring their safety and anonymity based on the person’s wish on the platform. You can simply post your query on the app and expert women travellers will make sure you get all your questions answered. It’s one of the best travel companions for solo women travellers out there.

• Google Trips: This app makes it easier to explore the world by collating all necessary information in one place and further sorting the life of the user by making it accessible even offline. One can get activity suggestions based on their location and travel reservations from their Gmail account automatically.

• TripIt: The app almost acts like a personal travel organiser, taking out relevant data from the server and syncing it with your calendar and apps. The best thing about the app is that there is very little information that needs to be fed, post which the app will organise things for you. Furthermore, one can share their plans with people they know or wish to share with.

• Thrillophila: This is one of the most unique travel apps that lets you discover hand-picked travel destinations, offers signature travel experiences and wonderful holiday plans all at one place. One can explore more than a thousand travel experiences in 25+ countries.  The app is a must-have, especially for those who scout for offbeat travel destinations, and like to indulge themselves in thrilling adventures such as trekking, sports, fitness and more such activities.

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