Sparking a resin riot

Sparking a resin riot

Artist Aditi Mittal wants to bottle a bit of nature for your abode, says Tarunjeet Rattan

Finding peace through art.

It is the artist who has the inimitable power to transform a concept into reality; the methods and the medium they employ to do so, differ. One such artist is Aditi Mittal who is also a dentist to boot. Her recent feat of making 108 Ganesha idols using watermelons was much lauded, and Aditi, who is also a Bharatanatyam dancer, is passionate about artwork that conveys positivism through the employing of elements from Feng Shui, Vaastu and Reiki. 

While she was growing up, her family did not consider art as a sustainable way of making a living. She had to prove herself in the field again and again. With the growing concerns of her extended family and relatives, she decided to take up dentistry as a fall-back option. She, however, continued to pursue her journey in art as she always felt this was her true calling. It is said that if your soul can feel your true calling, you will work towards it and achieve it, despite everything else preventing it. And it seems Aditi heard her true calling early on but had to work towards realising it.

In college, Aditi received several awards from prestigious colleges like IIM-A and NID along with appreciation for her solo art exhibitions.

She initially worked for a couple of years at a dentistry clinic and tried to balance both careers. However, her success in art brought a swift end to her double life and she chose to focus on her calling full time. 

Medium of choice

When an opportunity came her way to create an art record, she jumped at it. Her eco-friendly 108 Ganesha idols, made with watermelons, were used up as prasadam later!

While she works with several materials, resin is her medium of choice. She fell in love with it the first time she used it. A versatile and playful medium, it has endless possibilities.

Not only can it be used on canvas, but can also be used to make furniture and this aspect caught Aditi’s imagination as she had always wanted to make utility art.

She combines art with Feng Shui, Vaastu and natural crystals so that her works can be used not only as décor pieces, but can also add value to one’s abode and charge the place with positivism.

Aditi’s idea of creating art is to capture a motion in time and hold it.

As she puts it, “have you ever felt a rush of calm happiness when you see waves hitting the ocean or viewed a mountain with a sense of awe or watched the leaves on a tree ruffle softly to the breeze or gazed in amazement at a sky full of stars? What if you could bottle this essence of nature and bring it back to your abode? That is what my art aims
to do.”

All her creative pieces, including her 3D compositions, have been inspired from nature and will immediately give you a sense of connection with the energy of the universe. Aesthetically pleasing and functional, each art piece is a labour of love with an attempt to bring a positive aura and happiness in someone’s home.


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