Book Rack

Book Rack

A Shot in the Dark

Lynn Truss

Raven Books, 2018, Rs 399, pp 287

After the ‘Middle Street Massacre’ of 1951, when the majority of Brighton’s criminals wiped out one another in a vicious battle, Inspector Steine is enjoying life as a policeman. No criminals, no crime, no stress. He just wishes Sergeant Brunswick would stop insisting that not every criminal was killed that day.

A History of Desire In India

Madhavi Menon

Speaking Tiger, 2018, Rs 599, pp 358

Not a single history, but multiple tales cutting across laws and boundaries. The author navigates centuries, geographies, personal and public histories, philosophy, literary and cinematic works to examine the many faces of desire in the subcontinent.


The Ballad of Ayesha

Anisul Hoque, translated by Inam Ahmed

Harper Collins, 2018, Rs 299, pp, 186

It is set against the backdrop of a raging famine, political assassinations and coups that took Bangladesh by a storm after its independence. And, Ayesha is recovering from the birth of her second son when she receives a letter that her husband has been sentenced to death.


Easy Money

Vivek Kaul

Harper Collins, 2018, Rs 499, pp 315

In US tobacco was money for longer than gold was, and in parts of ancient India, almonds were money. How did this change, and how did the rise of banking play a role in making paper the universally accepted form of currency?

Familiar Strangers


Penguin, 2018, Rs 250, pp 215

Priya and Chirag are a modern couple living at breakneck speed, unknowingly stuck in the rut of a marriage that is dying. But things start to change when Priya’s position in Chirag’s life is threatened by his ex-girlfriend, who returns when they least expect.


The Forgotten Cities of Delhi

Rana Safvi

Harper Collins, 2018, Rs 799, pp 322

A sequel to Where Stones Speak, Safvi invokes the nine capitals that preceded New Delhi over a 1,500-year period presided over by the Tomars, Khiljis, Tughlaqs, Lodis and Mughals. Her stellar protagonists are saints, poets, philosophers and princesses. She captures the essence of the city in her pages.


She Friend-Zoned My Love

Sudeep Nagarkar

Penguin, 2018, Rs 199, pp 207

Apurv is a charming young man who longs for a girlfriend and hasn’t found one yet. A chance encounter with Aymara in the college canteen makes him fall for her. But it isn’t long before he realises that she is not interested in him, at least not in the way he wants her to be.


Birthing Naturally

Dr Mahima Bakshi

Penguin, 2018, Rs 399, pp 216

A comprehensive book on pregnancy wellness that aims to increase the chances of an expecting mother giving birth successfully. Taking you through each trimester of gestation along with post-delivery ‘fourth trimester’, the author offers guidelines on staying fit and having a less stressful pregnancy and labour.