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The Book of M

Peng Sheperd

Harper Voyager, 2018, Rs 455, pp 496

In a market somewhere in India, a man’s shadow vanishes, and more cases are discovered. Two years later, Max and Ory have survived the event and are settled in Virginia. All goes well until Max loses her shadow and becomes dangerous.



Tom Phillips

Hachette, 2018, Rs 499, pp 258

Human beings have walked this earth for 70,000 years, and we’ve come a long way. Art, science, culture, trade or the evolutionary food chain, we’re real winners. But, it has not exactly been a smooth sail, and sometimes we’ve managed to mess things up.


Into the Hands of the Soldiers

David D Kirkpatrick

Bloomsbury, 2018, Rs 479, pp 384

In 2011 Egypt, people of all classes and sects took to the streets to shake off the autocracy. In a candid narrative, the author traces the events that led to the protest at Tahrir Square, and examines the current situation in West Asia.


The Escapists of J. Mullick Road

Usha Ananda Krishna

Speaking Tiger, 2018, Rs 499, pp 385

Set in the bleak Communist Calcutta of the 1980s, this one is a wry meditation on a fabled city in physical and moral decline. The author’s subtly witty but compassionate take on the disparate lives that entwine over the building of a house makes for an interesting read.


Like a Bird on the wire

Chhavi Bhardwaj

Amaryllis, 2018, Rs 399, pp 327

Nethra is single, efficient, and a beautiful young woman. She has always loved and wanted Avinash, her IAS batchmate. Except, he is married and has a child. What happens when they meet again? Will Nethra find the love she is looking for? And, does she really need a man to complete her?


The Third Door

Alex Banayan

Currency, 2018, Rs 539, pp 320

A coming-of-age journey of the author, which seeks to provide insights, and inspire the future generations. This book makes a case for the ones that tread the unconventional path. The author interviews the likes of Bill Gates, Pitbull, Lady Gaga to understand how they made it big.


Everyone has a story - 2

Savi Sharma

Westland, 2018, Rs 199, pp 212

Everyone has a story, but does every story end with a happily ever after? Not all the time, it is all a test, and fate seems to be the master here. This one is a story comprising the tales of Vivaan, Kabir, Nisha and others. What does fate have in store for them? Will it play a cruel trick or be kind?


Anything But a Wasted Life

Sita Kaylin

Harper Collins, 2018, Rs 499, pp 321

A memoir of Sita Kaylin, a California-based veteran in the sex industry. Sita dropped out of college and later got into pre-law in order to be able to study in a law school. Then her roommate introduces her to stripping. Soon, Sita is making a living from faking intimacy and being treated as a therapist.


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