Bookrack For The Week (Aug 8 to Aug 14)

Bookrack For The Week (Aug 8 to Aug 14)

New releases of the week (Aug 8 to Aug 14)

The Illuminated

Anindita Ghose

pp 312, Rs 599

The novel’s thematic focus is on questions of identity. It revolves around two women, Shashi and Tara, who attempt to look at themselves, and at each other, in a new light.


Power Women

Pushpa Kurup

pp 242, Rs 379

From bhikkunis and sanyasinis to wild and wayward women, from daughters, wives, mothers and grandmothers to queens, warriors and scholars, the stories of these splendid women throw up many surprises and make for a fascinating read.


Bringing Back Grandpa

Madhuri Kamat

pp 112, Rs 250

As his Grandpa gets ill and more confused, Xerxes’ life becomes correspondingly difficult. There are boys at school playing all kinds of mean tricks on him and his mother wants him to excel, as usual, but it is hard when his main ally Grandpa is not himself.


The Great Hindu Civilisation

Pavan K Varma

pp 416, Rs 799

The book argues that unlike many other great civilisations of the past, the Hindu civilisation has not become a historical relic, but has survived.


The Next Everest

Jim Davidson

pp NA, Rs 699

Suspenseful and engrossing, this true-life account portrays the experience of living through the biggest disaster to ever hit the mountain.