Under the Christmas spell

Under the Christmas spell

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Mr Dickens and His Carol
Samantha Silva
When Dickens's new novel Martin Chuzzlewit is received as a flop, the writer is given but two tough choices by his publishers - pen a new Christmas novel within a month or lose everything to debt. He mulls over ideas with hardly any luck until a charming woman and her young son stir in him just the inspiration he needs.

Christmas In The Snow
Nora Roberts
Natasha Stanislaski, famed for her exotic beauty, is a former dancer-turned-toy shop owner. She, the one with a fiery passionate temperament, keeps men at a safe distance, that's until the first time single-father and music professor Spencer Kimball and his daughter knock at her seemingly cold heart. A winter romance, indeed. 

A Wilder Time
William E Glassley
Made of pristine landscape, Greenland is the sum of its various unexplored natural phenomenon. The author and his two fellow geologists travel the land to collect samples, observe rock formations for evidence to prove a hotly contested theory: plate tectonics, the movement of Earth's crust over its molten core, is a much more ancient process than some believed.

Gregory Maguire
This winter tale offers a message of hope. It imagines the backstory of the Nutcracker, revealing how a mysterious toymaker named Drosselmeier carved the entrancing creature, and how the creature guided an ailing girl named Klara through a dreamy paradise on a Christmas Eve. 

The Adventures of the Christmas Pudding
Agatha Christie 
Crimes for the season? Consider this collection of six short stories, five of them featuring Hercule Poirot and one with Miss Marple. Sample the first story and the longest among them - One Christmas evening, the detective finds himself at a home with a missing ruby, and so a plum mystery to solve. And add kids to this mix.

The Gift Of the Magi
'O Henry
There is little money and lots of love between a young husband and wife. One Christmas evening, with no time, each embarks on a secret mission - to surprise each other with a gift. Although gifts of love, they may not end up serving the husband and the wife as expected.  

Town Called Dehra
Ruskin Bond
Here, the Dehradun which the author grew up and became intimate with, comes to life. It's a town of pony-drawn tongas and rickshaws; a town fond of gossip but tolerant of human foibles; a town of lush lichi trees; charming winter gardens and cool streams; a small town; a sleepy town. 

Skipping Christmas
John Grisham 
With Christmas comes its commercial aspect. And the couple of Luther Krank and Nora decide to skip this seasonal allergy, and instead choose to spend their savings on a 10-day-long Caribbean cruise. However, skipping Christmas is not as easy as they thought it would be. And it comes with consequences.