What's next on your reading list...

What's next on your reading list...

The Beauty of the moment 
Tanaz Bathena 
Penguin, 2019, pp 354, Rs 399
Love is messy and families are messier, but, in spite of their burdens, Susan, the new girl, and Malcolm, the bad boy, fall for each other. Their story of separation and patching up are proof that family, love, culture and being who you are of much value.

A K Ramanujan, edited by Krishna Ramanujan, 
Guillermo Rodriguez
Penguin, 2019, pp 351, Rs 599
A pioneer, he had penned four collections of  poetry in English and three in Kannada. The poet’s travels, his thoughts on writing, his early poetry drafts, his unpublished personal 
dreams — all come alive in this book. 

The last ball six
Pradeep Kapoor
Amaryllis, 2019, pp 246, Rs 250
Cricket’s greatest devotee, Titu wins a couple of 
entry-passes to the final match of BPL. The match captures his life so much that he begins to perspire and feels pain rising in his chest, until suddenly he collapses in his seat and his heart stops beating. Will cricket kill its greatest devotee? 

Those magnificent women and 
their flying machines
Minnie Vaid
Speaking Tiger, 2019, pp 220, Rs 299
In late 2013, ISRO launched Mangalyaan, India’s first inter-planetary mission, at a fraction of the cost of similar missions by foreign space agencies. And many women were instrumental here and in other ISRO-related work. This is their story. 

Rewind and play 
Tarun Gautam
Tree Shade, 2019, pp 164, Rs 295
Raghav Diwan is living the American dream. 
A successful career and a comfortable and happy married life. One day, he receives an invitation to an evening get-together with his college batchmates. 
The past wants to reveal something to him. 
Will he open the door to let it in? 

Mind without fear 
Rajat Gupta
Juggernaut, 2019, pp 499, Rs 699
He was a business icon, philanthropist and trusted advisor to the global elite. Then he was found guilty of insider trading. At his trial, he chose 
not to testify in his own defense. This is his side of the story.

Mussoorie’s Mythistory
Hugh and Colleen Gantzer
Niyogi, 2019, pp 117, Rs 295
Out of the eclectic mix of Mussoorie’s society have emerged coruscating tales, each a concoction of truth and imagination.
When unexplainable events took place and no one had any credible explanation for them, it was mythistory that filled the gap.
These stories will reach generations to come.

Re-forming India
Edited by Niraja Gopal Jayal
Penguin, 2019, pp 400, Rs 420
This is an overview of the prevailing political imagery of nationalism and of the current trends of public 
discourse in Indian democracy; it seeks to interpret the transformations in state institutions and the 
public sphere, and evaluate their implications.