Cruising ahead on the road to success

Cruising ahead on the road to success

Sarika Singh's work speaks volumes unto itself, writes Shilpi Madan

Sarika Singh

Mumbai-based actor Sarika Singh is a self-confessed introvert, with “zero digital currency”. But her work speaks volumes unto itself. Case in point is the resounding applause her latest release Kaamyaab, a light-hearted, emotional, yet humorous narrative is garnering in theatres.

“I play actor Sanjay Mishra’s daughter in the film,” shares Sarika with a smile, feeling lucky to have got the chance to work with a great set of actors since the start of her career. She worked with Ranbir Kapoor in Jagga Jasoos and in Bombay Velvet. “But I never went up to him to request for a selfie with him,” she says as a matter of fact. “As on the film sets, we are equals.” She isn’t star struck either, but counts her blessings.

Back to Kaamyaab, the bittersweet story of a character artiste in Bollywood. “As Sanjay (sir)’s daughter, I am not really happy with his choice of profession — that of a character actor in the film industry. It isn’t a conventional profession, as my peers’ parents are investment bankers, businessmen, or in corporate jobs... My role brings to the fore the mental struggle of the girl, the disappointments she has experienced conflicting with the love she has in her heart for her father, and her final acceptance of his uncommon profession — that he is a ‘sidekick,’ not a hero in the film world, and hardly anyone in real life knows his name.”

How did she prepare for the role? “Sanjay sir shared many stories from his life, personal experiences that brought me closer to my character in many ways. The director, Hardik Mehta, (a National Award winner for his earlier short) also guided me tremendously,” shares Sarika.

Of course, Sarika has done full justice to it, with over 12 years in theatre under the tutelage of Satyadev Dubey guiding her tour de force on the silver screen. “I want to bring in an entire spectrum of roles into my portfolio and evolve through them,” says Sarika, explaining her rather unconventional choice of roles. In her upcoming next, Ramprasad ki Tehrvi, she plays the youngest daughter of babu ji, who passes away. The premise of the film revolves around the mental struggles, relationship jolts and the interpersonal niggles that follow in a family in the wake of the demise of its patriarchal head. Everything that transpires within the 13 days of mourning comes up on the screen, the limitations and angst that the members of the family go through.

It is a beautiful plot. “I was lucky enough to get the chance to work with Supriya Pathak in this film,” reveals Sarika excitedly. “Getting to work with stalwarts and learning first hand from them while observing them perfect their own craft, is half the magic for me..”

For her mother, it was uncertain territory that Sarika was venturing into with acting as her aim. “My father is a former investment banker and I understood my mother’s reservations completely. My parents have come around since, heartened by my slow and steady progress, and the praise that has been flowing since my first outing,” says Sarika.

Any regrets? “I would have loved to get formal training in acting at the National School of Drama. It betters the ground you stand on, especially if no one in your family tree is into movies,” she laughs. “But I believe change is constant. Today is a new day, always. It was a big high for me, hearing Shah Rukh Khan mention my name on stage during the première of Kaamyaab,” she says.



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