Dhanush dhamaka

Dhanush dhamaka

Candid talk: Next Actor Dhanush says that his dream film will be ‘Vada Chennai’.

Actor Dhanush has reached a stage where he has not only made a name for himself in the Tamil film industry, but has also gone on to mark his presence in Bollywood and Hollywood. The actor shares a special rapport with director Vetrimaran, a brilliant mind, and a close friend. Every time the two have collaborated on a film, they have managed to come up with something extraordinary.

The first film that they worked together on was Polladhavan, a film that went on to become a super hit. Their next film together was Aadukalam, which went on to do even better and fetched a National Award for Dhanush. The two then went on to jointly produce Kaaka Muttai, a film that won international critical acclaim and a number of awards. Then, Vetrimaran made Visaranai, a film that was produced by Dhanush. This film again took the film industry by storm and won a number of awards.

What next?

Although each film of theirs has stood out, fans have for long waited for the two to work on their dream project — a film called Vada Chennai. It was a project so huge and a story so big that it had to be told in three parts. Almost 13 years after they first thought about it, the two have managed to release the first part. The film, which is running in theatres, has won critical acclaim and has left audiences eagerly waiting for the other two parts.  

Talking to media persons, Dhanush said, “Vada Chennai is a journey that started in 2003-2004. After Polladhavan, we began wondering whether we should do Vada Chennai next. However, both of us were very clear that we couldn’t do it then as we felt that there was no market for the film at that point. Vetriman was also aware of the fact that he was not ready to tell a story that ran into a 1,000 pages, and that had to be told in three parts.” Talking about Vetrimaran and the effort he has put in for Vada Chennai, Dhanush says, “This film has been a big struggle for Vetrimaran.  It presented many challenges. If we chose to tell the entire story in one film, it would have had to be told over an entire day with six intervals. Therefore, without any other option left, we chose to make it into a three-part film. The first part has just released. We have some 20% of footage of the next part with us. The shooting of the remaining portions of the second part will commence next year. In between, Vetri and I will be making another film together as we need a break from the intensity of Vada Chennai. So, after completing this film, we will return to Vada Chennai – Part 2.”

Secret out

This will be the fourth film that he will be doing with Vetrimaran. What is the secret of working with Vetrimaran again and again?

“I think we tolerate each other. We both commit a lot of mistakes but we ensure that it does not come between us.  We are both very understanding and very forgiving. More than anything else, he is a true friend.  Be it during my happy times or difficult times, Vetrimaran has always remained the same and has stood by me. If you miss out on such people, you are the loser. That way, he is a brother. He provides a platform that is better than what I had envisaged for me to perform. Similarly, when I think of all the people who are there with me, many will disappear in a flash the moment there is trouble. Not Vetri. Only Vetri will be there by my side.  So, on both fronts, he is a person I believe I should not lose,” he says.

Finally, Dhanush has already succeeded as a director. When does he plan to direct a film with his father-in-law Rajinikanth playing the lead? “Am I the one who is saying no? I should get an opportunity, right? An opportunity should present itself. Such an opportunity would be a blessing,” he signs off.

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