She’s Alice in movieland

She’s Alice in movieland

Making a mark


Model-turned-actor Raiza Wilson is perhaps one of the few lucky ones who has stepped out from a reality show and straight into a string of filmi success — a much better reality. A popular contestant on Bigg Boss Season 1 in Tamil, she quickly bagged the lead role in Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (PPK), following it up with a role in the legendary Bala’s Varmaa set for a release this month. The first look of her next film Alice, produced by ace musician Yuvan Shankar Raja, was recently revealed. She’s not shying away from trying anything, and will also be seen as a guest on a web series cooking show Quakers’ Kitchen, Khanna and Konversation — Season 2, with none other than Michelin star chef Vikas Khanna. 

You are a Bangaluru girl, so we would love to know more about your formative years here. How did you come into the world of modelling?

I was born in Delhi. I grew up there for the initial five to six years. After that I went to Ooty for my schooling and I was there up until class 12, which is how I started liking South Indian food. Then I moved to Bangalore where modelling was actually a part-time job in my college days, and as I started enjoying it, I continued there.

‘Bigg Boss’ was seen as your big ticket to enter Kollywood. Is that why you chose to be on the show?

I had no idea the show would turn out the way it did. It was a real surprise! I don’t think I chose the show; the show chose me. It was the first season and there was no choice, I got an offer and I thought it’s new and exciting. And I didn’t think I would stay for as long as I did. It only gets annoying after a point. In the beginning, it’s all fun and games, so I thought I will last till then.

You’ve had a great start to your acting career with ‘PPK’. What were your biggest takeaways as an actor?

I think this is just the first drop that makes me feel humble, and nervous about what is going to happen. I absolutely fell in love with acting and am grateful to god for bringing me here.

What are you looking forward to with ‘Varmaa’?

I am not sure if I can say who I am playing yet, but I am very excited about the character and the person it’s based on.

I think I have been excited since the time I met Bala sir (the director) who is a legend. I am very excited as it is intensely romantic and I love intense movies.

What are the current projects you are venturing into?

I am meeting a lot of new people, but after PPK, I am being careful. I don’t want to make any mistakes. I want to make people happy because that is the reason I am here. You know it comes back to you and you must give it back. So, I want to do something that makes people happier, better, lighter. I am going to start working on something very exciting soon!

As a model and actor, how important is food for you? What kind of a diet do you follow?

I love food. I would be sad if I had to follow a strict diet. I eat whatever I want, but control the quantity. I grew up eating South Indian food while studying in Ooty. I always felt that what my friends ate was more delicious than what I had in my lunchbox!

Do you cook? 

I cook sometimes. I actually cook only when I am in a very happy mood. My favourite is chicken curry. 

On the web series ‘Kitchen, Khanna and Konversation’, what have you cooked, and what was your experience in the show?

On the show we created a chefs’ twist on the simple nan khatai by giving it a mixed berry jam filling. It was an amazing experience because Chef Vikas Khanna was so cool and chilled out. I used to get yelled at home in the kitchen! I am very excited that I made something which I can show my friends as healthy food. I want to impress my friends by making them a batch!