Wild & free like Chunchi...

Wild & free like Chunchi...

The charming Chunchi Falls is only 90 km from Bengaluru

Chunchi Falls

Monsoon offers its share of joys, especially in the form of waterfalls. What better time to head to waterfalls, if not now? Well, we did just that on a Sunday morning. Our destination was Chunchi Falls. With no plan other than to enjoy a good sight and a relaxing day, we packed a picnic hamper and set out from home after a good breakfast. A quiet, leisurely drive of about 90 km from Bengaluru led us to Chunchi Falls. As we neared the place, we realised most Bengalureans had similar plans as us. The parking lot was almost full.

Parking our car, we followed the boards that led to the falls. Luckily for us, we were wearing sturdy walking shoes. For, the path leading to the falls was rocky and quite slippery, thanks to the rains. We could see people wearing ordinary footwear slipping and screaming. After an arduous walk, we reached a point from where we could see the falls in all its glory towards our left. Milky white water gushed down the rocky slopes like it’s nobody’s business. It roiled and bubbled, sparkling in the sun that was playing hide and seek with the rainy clouds. The trees and shrubs along its pathway seemed to be stunned into silence. The only sound that was heard was the roar of water, like a war cry. We were dumbstruck.

We hurried along the pathway, eager to catch a closer view of the waterfalls. After another strenuous stretch, we were treated to a better view of the waterfalls. As the water rushed down the slopes and foamed into a lather at the bottom, it delivered an airy drizzle spray that was almost magical. A further climb down the rocks took us closer to the waterbody. The sound of water lashing at the rocks was almost deafening now. Enjoying the music being played out by the waterfalls, and the sprinkling of water that left us almost wet, we were speechless with a sense of gratitude at the orchestration of nature’s grandeur. There are some moments in life that cannot be explained. This seemed one of them. 

Sitting on a rock nearby, we engaged in a silent communion with nature. After a while, it became so cold that we started shivering. Maybe it was nature’s way of telling us to head back home. Rainy clouds were gathering fast. We had to traverse a tricky path back to our car. We took the cue and started our walk back to the parking lot in silence, too overwhelmed by nature’s bounty to even stop for that much-needed hot cup of coffee in many of the small shops that dotted the pathway.

Well, it was one magical experience that followed us all the way home.