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S Vishwanatha’s audio book, A New Approach in Teaching Social Science, explores chapters in history and geography with the help of an easy-to-understand narrative, youtube and google-acquired footage though it only addresses the critical topics in Class 10.

It is definitely a fresh approach to learning about countries, continents, the social-religious movement and India’s struggle for independence. The chapters covered on two CDs include:

*Geographical Discoveries
*Europeans in India
*Mysore Sultans
*United Nations Organisation
*Socio-Religious Movement
*First War of Indian Independence
*First World War 1914-1918
*The League of Nations
*Second World War
*Struggle for Indian Independence

Vishwanatha uses a storytelling narrative to explain each chapter. This comes in handy, especially while trying to make sense of important dates and events. With pictorial and video clippings borrowed from youtube, he laces it with a bold, and slow-paced voice explaining the chronology of events.

This is an advantage over reading about the Struggle of Indian Independence chapter from a textbook. This audio CD is an excellent way to familiarise yourself with the structure of history and geography. One may try and take down notes while watching the chapter, helping them build and memorise the different events.

This audio book should ideally be played in a classroom with a teacher pausing to explain important junctures. This allows for children to immediately have their doubts cleared on the topics they have viewed. The chapters also provide titles and direct definitions for concepts. The narrative is mostly jargon-free and is friendly in tone.

While it is easy to understand and assimilate, it does not provide notes or points that students can use while answering the question paper. There is no chapter with ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ or a glossary.

It is up to the student or the teacher to take notes while the chapters are playing. So don’t wait till the last minute to learn a new chapter through this audio book. This is ideally meant for classroom viewing. 

Teachers may use this audiobook at the beginning of a term to set out an after-school project or exercise.

This can be done by dividing the classroom into groups of four or five and having them address and research each chapter thoroughly. This could also be useful as an audio-visual slide during a class pop quiz.

The CD is not available in the market. Students can place an order for it over  phone — 9945799886 — and have it couriered to them.

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