Both qualification and experience matter

Both qualification and experience matter

Study in india

Study in India

Dear Sir,

I am an MBA graduate and have been working as an HR professional for the past nine years. I wish to enhance my skills to advance in the field. Please suggest some courses.


Dear Ashwitha,

At this stage, since you already have an MBA, it is more of your domain specialisation acquired through experience that will determine your progress. Try to move into a company where you get varied and quality work, responsibilities and where you can prove yourself with targets. Based on that track record you can apply for higher positions and get ahead smoothly. If you are keen, you may do a course in project management.

Dear Sir,

I am studying in II PUC. I am interested in Marine engineering. Please suggest some good courses in this field.


Dear Tejas,

You can become a marine engineer by taking up a four-year degree course. Admission is through JEE or individual entrance tests, which you can find out from their websites. Be prepared for a rugged life on ships, sailing for many months at a time with no outside human interaction or entertainment, and working in the engine rooms of ships. Long shore leave and good salary are the compensations. Some of the reputed institutions are: AMET University; Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies; Indian Maritime University; Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education & Training; RL Institute of Nautical Sciences.

Dear Sir,

My son has completed Class 12. We are advising him to pursue engineering in Electronics and Communication, but he is interested in Artificial Intelligence. Please advise.


Dear Shinde,

Artificial Intelligence is a very promising field, but it is being offered by very few colleges at the under-graduate level at present, and the courses are still being properly structured. It may be better to take up a degree course in Electronics or Computer Science, which will give a strong foundation and keep options open to decide what to specialise later. These two courses are offered by almost all engineering colleges and based on his ranking in entrance exams he may select the most reputed one for which he is eligible. He can also do some internship or take up short-term online courses in Artificial Intelligence to get hands-on experience and to get basic knowledge of the field.

Dear Sir,

I have completed the II PUC. I am weak in Math and am interested in product design. Please suggest some courses.


Dear Shivu,

To pursue product design you need not be good in Math. You can take up four-year professional course in Bachelor of Design which is open to 10+2 students from any optional subjects. Some colleges offer general design courses covering all branches while others offer specialisation in product design. Most of them have their own entrance exams.