Coding as a career decoded

Coding as a career decoded

Killer skills

Coding is a framework for the digital world of possibilities. It pursues an art of communication, a human approach, yet achieved through automation for a world getting faster and smarter.

Understanding the aspect of a qualified programmer, the passionate brain hones pedagogy of imparting logical thinking — embedding a human system interaction. 

To become a coding expert 

Coding and programming are the universal skills that stick throughout your life. 

The most important requirement is to start now. There is a famous saying that it takes 10,000 hours to master an art and coding is no different.

Create a profile on GitHub today, get in touch with good mentors, refer to books by experienced authors, read online study materials and write your first line of code... now. 

With the current internet penetration across millions of students across India, online courses are the most preferred way of learning. Before investing your time in this maze of wealth, do check for the following criteria:

Course content must fall in line with industry needs

There is an experienced team of faculty and mentors

The course ensures real-time online interaction

It offers world-class doubt-resolution system 

Get feedback from student alumni 

Skill for life

Like every other skill, one should start by building a strong base. It can be built by learning data structures and algorithms along with one language. 

The former form the core of coding and helps the individual understand the nuances of programming.

Trend-wise, one can start with either C++, Java or Python.

Once you have learnt this, move a step further by carving a path to enter the software industry.

There are broadly three avatars to choose from:

Software engineer: Combination of data structures & algorithms and then focus on competitive programming 

Full stack developer: Combination of data structures & algorithms and then focus on Full stack web development (using NodeJS, ReactJS or moving to app development) 

Machine-learning engineer/data scientist: Combination of data structures & algorithms and then focus on data science or machine-learning courses

Job opportunities 

Signifying the domain knowledge by learning those languages, students fulfill the industrial demands and improves their brain functionality, encompassing an expert design outcome.

The industry craves for software developers, computer-system engineers, database administrators, business-intelligence analysts, machine-learning scientists, NLP data scientists and many more.

The world of automation which exists today was once a prolific dream. Learning and skilling yourself is a productive initiative and with that, a cemented approach is what that’s required; overall contributing to a bright tomorrow.

(The author is with Coding Ninjas)

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