Guide to get a lucrative job

Guide to get a lucrative job

Networking Building good connections is key to a successful job hunt.

Gone are the days when a fresher was given on-the-job training. Now, companies are increasingly hiring freshers who have the qualities or skills the organisations require. Many IT graduates are not fit for hiring as they lack the required skills.

To address this critical issue, we need to do away with the obsolete syllabus and conventional pedagogy at the outset.

Here is a list of some top hard and soft skills that companies value the most in today’s world of cut-throat competition:

Digital marketing: Nowadays, digital marketing is the backbone of any company. It is a skill that everyone should have irrespective of their job profile. Therefore, if you need to contribute to the company’s growth you need to possess digital marketing skill.

Time management: Most of the companies today are short-staffed and everyone has the sword of Damocles (read ‘deadline’) hanging over one’s head. So, one needs to use one’s time productively at his or her workplace. Time management is key to efficient working.

Mobile application development: The way we communicate, do business, and access news and entertainment has changed significantly, all thanks to mobile phones and applications. A mobile app developer writes programmes using object-oriented programming languages such as C, C++, C# or Java to create new software or develop new apps. This skill also helps expand the brand.

Team spirit: When you are working in an organisation, you need to be cordial with co-workers because you cannot do everything on your own. It is the teamwork that enables any organisation to bag success. The companies also look for candidates who can bring out the best in others.

Analytical reasoning: In today’s time, it is very important to analyse a piece of information before jumping to a conclusion. An analytical thinker uses knowledge, facts, and information to make sure they get the things right. They are highly knowledgeable about their subject and check all the facts before making a decision.

Entrepreneurial skills: If you have these skills you can always help the organisation to grow in the right direction and also suggest ways to improve it. You need to be acquainted with the basic business model of a company.

Translation: Mostly companies today have multi-lingual clients. Sometimes, you might be needed to translate a press release or any other write-up into another vernacular

Strong network: A professional should have good communication skill so that he or she can have a strong network. Building strong relationships and connections is key to a successful job hunt. A person having a network of professional friends may get a good job.

Accounting and finance knowledge: One may have to deal with the dynamics of accounting and financing in a company. That doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in mathematics, but one should be comfortable with understanding numbers.

Social media expert: Social media has become one of the most popular modes of communication. Business processes these days require people who have a thorough understanding of social media, especially in understanding new markets, consumers and services.

(The writer is Founder, ICA Edu Skills, Bengaluru)