How toppers are made

How toppers are made

Students busy in last minute preparations for SSLC 1st day exam, before entering the exam hall, in Mysuru on Thursday. - PHOTO / SAVITHA B R

Success stories in the education sector are not born overnight, they need to be nurtured and created through a mesh of concerted efforts in the right direction.

A few progressive educational institutions in the country today are employing innovative skills and ideas such as digital literacy, mobile learning and creativity that help students think independently, learn at their own pace and top their graduating classes.

Many of these new-age schools have been producing all India toppers consecutively for the past few years, which is a testament to their success.

Traditional teaching methodologies would simply not work to educate the current generation brought up by the internet where resources are simply a finger swipe away. Interactive teaching methodologies that engage students and emphasise the enjoyment of the process of learning have yielded amazing results and grades in tests and exams.

Hard work and focus

Hard work is one of the most effective tips for achieving success in any field and education is no exception. Students who come out with flying colours in examinations have this one trait in common. They stay focused on their studies and put in consistent hours of work daily to grasp the concepts being taught at school.

Toppers are also known to regularly revise their courses and are sincere in their efforts to understand a subject thoroughly. They are open to asking questions every time they are in doubt; they understand the fact that there is no room for ambiguity if the objective is to score well in board exams.

They also take it easy and often use social media to break the monotony of their academic pursuits.

They, however, make sure that the use of social media does not come in the way of their coursework.

Broad vision & support

A broad vision is another factor that helps toppers to realise their dreams. A student having an aspiration to make India self-sufficient in the field of software technology, to take a specific case in point, would be more likely to get good scores in his or her examination as compared to other classmates.

Moreover, a student can use all the support he gets during the course of his academic life. A successful student is usually backed by a whole setup of mentors, family members, friends and peers. These are the people who are there with him, every step of the way.

A parent, for example, is the one who makes a whole lot of sacrifices to bring up the child. A mother or a father plays an influential role in keeping the young student motivated to aim for the top slot in school as well as outside.

Communication with friends can help individuals discuss emotional issues bothering them and help them stay focused on achieving academic excellence.   

Toppers often have the blessings of experienced teachers who help them think outside the box to get the best grades in different subjects. These mentors can also streamline coursework for better preparation to ensure that their students emerge as winners when facing exams.

Passion for learning

The next mantra that guides toppers is passion. Most of the students who have achieved excellence in their classes are usually the ones passionate about their studies.

These learners are naturally curious and have a lot of queries. They want to know more in the different subjects being taught and are not shy about asking questions.

Sitting down for several hours with their books or discussing doubts with mentors is not a task for them. This zeal helps them constantly work towards achieving global levels of excellence in their academic pursuits.  

According to many toppers, one factor that has helped them get high scores in the different examinations is proper planning and time management.

Time management

The toppers are known to set specific, measurable, relevant and timely goals, a fact that helps them achieve more by working effectively against time constraints.

They are known to allot study time to subjects depending on the level of difficulty. Many young achievers also routinely take mock tests online or from reputed coaching institutes.

This way they can practice how to write answers of an actual quiz within a given time frame and be more prepared for the real assessment.

Thinking outside the box

Successful students are often creative and can think outside the box to adapt to changing circumstances and find innovative solutions to specific problems.

Group studies

Toppers also do not compare their abilities with others. Instead of looking at what others have done, they are more interested in focusing on their own comprehension. They learn from their mistakes and ensure that these are not repeated in the future.

Staying calm 

Moreover, staying calm and focused on is another important mantra. Clear and positive thoughts help them in pursuing excellence in their academic lives.

(The writer is with Jaipuria Group of Institutes)

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