Interactive online classrooms

Interactive online classrooms

According to Unicef, the temporary closure of schools due to Covid-19 has impacted the learning of over 90% of the world’s student population. Several countries implemented localised closures impacting millions of additional learners. Schools are struggling to ensure uninterrupted learning and continuous academic operations, which is only possible through intervention of technology. Considering the current situation, the EdTech industry has introduced online solutions to ensure learning does not stop and Live online classes are being conducted uninterrupted.

Covid-19 has become the catalyst for the adoption of Live, online learning in India and with its far-reaching effects, the education sector has begun to realise the massive potential of digital learning. EdTech players are helping schools continue their classes online through Live, virtual classrooms on their platforms which seeks to create the classroom environment virtually. By connecting teachers and schools remotely across the country, the learning has not stopped. 

This is being facilitated by delivering effective and user-friendly tools and methodologies to carry out the learning process and academic operations seamlessly. Keeping in mind the challenges that schools are tackling due to the lockdown, players in the EdTech industry have also launched 24x7 doubt solving, mobile apps, e-books and other tools to empower educators revolutionise the way they teach and carry out academic operations-transitioning from a traditional classroom model to an interactive online classroom model.

Studies show that with the help of online tutoring, students can gather more knowledge about different topics from one source and study at their own convenience at the safe confines of their homes. Technology intervention provides access to unlimited knowledge and unlocks the door towards self-learning. Therefore, it can add a new dimension to the traditional classroom model. Schools can now use Live, online tutoring platforms to teach all their students with their own content and teachers. They can also involve only their teachers but conduct classes and get content from the Live, online tutoring platform.

With the rapid increase of mobile internet users in India, which is expected to reach 85% households by 2024, technology can enable pervasive access towards personalised learning even in the remotest parts of the country. This will drastically change the 21st century pedagogy, schooling system, increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning and help shift the focus from rote learning to personalised interactive and holistic development of students. Considering offline education has been the focus earlier, it is considered that a hybrid model of learning may rule the education system post the Covid-19 era. Live, online tutoring will play a significant role in the shift towards personalised, quality education accessible to everyone. 

(The author is CEO and Cofounder of  Vedantu)