Stay focused and clear

Stay focused and clear

Questions and answers for Study In India

Dear Sir,

I am a student of PUC II. I want to become a pilot for domestic airlines, but I have an eyesight of -4. Please tell me if I can become a pilot wearing spectacle or lens.


Dear Shubham,

Eyesight requirements for civil pilots are not as strict as for Air Force pilots, but they do have restrictions on poor sight. It is better for you to get a check-up done and speak to any flying training instructor so that there should not be a disappointment later. As soon as you complete your PUC II (with Math and Physics), you can enrol for the flying training, which is in three stages: Student Pilot Licence (SPL), Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and then Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL).


Dear Sir,

I am a BSc Biotechnology student. I want to do MSc in Biotechnology. What are the job opportunities in Biotechnology? Would it be better if I do MSc abroad?


Dear Pooja,

Studying in India or abroad is a very personal decision. If you have enjoyed biotechnology so far, it is time to narrow down to the specialisation, whether you would like to go deeper into genetics, microbiology or biochemistry.

Also, narrow down on the application areas, since Biotechnology can be applied in medicine, agriculture, scientific research, botany, zoology etc. One or two
internships in the relevant field will be very useful.


Dear Sir,

I am a Class 12 student (Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computer Science). I want to become a nuclear physicist. Could you let me know what course I should take up? Do also let me know which colleges I can apply for. I intend to do
research (PhD) as well. Please guide.


Dear Sharan,

Glad you are willing to study hard up to doctoral level. To become a nuclear physicist, you can either take up BE in a basic stream or a BSc in Physics at the degree level. Then, you can go for higher studies for specialisation either in India or abroad.

Also start exploring which area of nuclear physics you would like to focus on. Since it is an unusual choice, get as much information as you can, talk to people who are physicists, explore universities offering higher level courses, so that you will be more focused and clear about your long term goals.


Dear Sir, 

I am a PUC II (PCMB) student. I am not very keen on pursuing a career in Biology. I plan on joining the CBI or CID. What basic degree will it require? Please guide. 


Dear Chinmayee,

Officers working in departments such as CBI or CID are selected at two levels: Those who have qualified in IPS are periodically sent on deputation to these departments based on their skills and the vacancies, for a fixed time period. They generally hold the highest ranks. Recruitment is done for CBI at the Inspector level through the Staff Selection Commission (SSC). Details are available on their website Such officers eventually get promoted to ranks of Deputy Superintendent and Superintendent of Police. Selection at both levels is highly competitive and you will have to prepare thoroughly and apply once you have completed your graduation in any stream from a recognised Indian university.


Dear Sir,

I am studying in Class 9 (CBSE). I would like to have a career which allows me to travel. What opportunities do I have and what courses should take in my Plus Two?


Dear Varshita,

If you have a deep interest in travel, you can opt for a career in fields like tourism, aeronautics, aviation, civil service, foreign service, international relations, international trade entertainment, military, forestry, and hospitality. Each of these require differing talents and aptitude. Most of them are open to students who have taken any subjects in Plus Two. Start narrowing down from the list, explore each of them, meet people already in the profession, and continue the selection process still you complete your Plus Two. Then, you can decide on the courses that will be the best to take you to your goal.


Dear Sir,

I am a PUC II (PCMB) student. I plan to do MBA. Which undergraduate degree should I take up? Is it better to take up a management related course like BBM or a technical course like BE? Which course will give me a better edge?


Dear Seema,

It is interesting to note that a significant majority of the students who crack the CAT entrance exam for top management colleges for MBA come from the engineering stream. Professional courses like engineering sharpen the analytical, sequential and logical mind, hence the high success rate.

Also, acquiring good work experience is a strong additional factor for admission to MBA. So, at present take up a degree course in your area of interest and aptitude, and by the time you come to final year you can decide whether to gain some work experience or prepare for the
various MBA entrance exams.


Dear Sir,

I am an MSc Biochemistry graduate. I would like to do online jobs to earn some money. Could you let me know if they are safe? How does one get them? What precautions should I take? Please guide.


Dear Manu,

Since online jobs are not regulated by any authority, and in most cases you do not even get an opportunity to visit the offices to ascertain their credibility, there is always a risk factor. Do not take up any job where they ask for a payment or deposit.

Also, when you start doing the work, ensure that you are getting your payments on time, and do not continue working if there are backlogs in payment.

If you know anyone who has already been working for a firm and is satisfied with their working style and payments, then you can go ahead.