DH Education: Take up online courses to stay ahead

DH Education: Take up online courses to stay ahead

part from being easy to access, online courses allow students to learn topics that interest them

Online training meets the needs of students by allowing them to focus on learning aspects that are relevant, self-paced and personalised.

Today, many students are looking for ways that can help them develop new skills and work towards building a strong foundation in the field they want to pursue a career. But instead of going to a brick-and-mortar learning centre, students are now turning to online training to upskill themselves at a nominal cost or for free. But why are many students opting to learn online? Primarily because it meets their needs and allows them to focus on learning that is relevant, self-paced and personalised. What’s more, online courses give students the flexibility to plan their study time. Here are some popular courses that students enrol for:

Business communication

Having good communication skills will give you an edge over your peers. Good business communication isn’t just about having proficiency in spoken and written English but also having great interpersonal skills that will help you in various stages of life. Having strong communication skills can help you put an impression that will last for more than one meeting.

MS Excel

It is one of the most basic tool of MS office with a vast use in your personal and professional career. It will help tabulate, calculate and put forth your ideas in a structured manner. Almost everyone has an idea about MS Excel but the basic knowledge will not suffice in terms of longevity. This is a great skill to learn and master irrespective of which career you wish to pursue.

Digital marketing

Do you remember a commercial that left a lasting impression on you and you still can’t seem to forget the product? Well, that is marketing done right! A training in this will help you in knowing your audience and reaching out to them through the best medium. Having knowledge in this field will come in handy even while you are in college and when you start working. For example, it can help you when you are conducting an event or when you are reaching out to influencers. It will also give you a glimpse of the management side of things.

Programming with C & C++

C and C++ are the basic level programming languages and are used when a better command of hardware is required. It is essential to learn C and C++ to learn other programming languages. Taking up this course will help you learn the basic techniques of integrating function sets, generic application development and general method of the architecture of business solutions.

Core Java

It is derived from the C-language and since its inception, has been a top-performing language. Java is fast and efficient and because of which it is frequently used as an enterprise-level software or in complex business problems. It consists of Java Virtual Machine (JVM),which is responsible for converting the code and Java Runtime Environment (JRE), used for execution.

Web Development

All the work that goes behind in developing a website is called web development. It helps in making the simplest to the most complex websites. There are two kinds of specialisations: front-end developer and back-end developer. They deal with the layout and visuals of a website, and the functionality of a website respectively.

As a prospective undergraduate, it is essential for you to put yourself ahead of others and realise your forte. It will make a great difference in your career if you realise the key areas that you need to work on and transform them into your strength.

With competition becoming more intensive, merit alone will not help you in realising your dream. It is here that online courses can help and increase your chances of getting employed later.