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Visualise your career path


Student with Doubt about Professionscareer choice

Dear Sir,

I have completed my pre-university (PCMB). I am currently working and looking to obtain a graduate degree in Science with a major in Mathematics. Please advise on distance learning options in the country.



Dear AD,

BSc Mathematics through distance education is available through a number of Open Universities in India. Indira Gandhi National Open University ( is the most popular, while other reputed universities include Bharathiar, Alagappa, Symbiosis, Manipal, Annamalai, Madurai Kamaraj, Madras, etc. You will have to go through three years of home study, and most institutions offer annual examination system in which you can appear for all subjects of that year or do a few at a time and complete the course at your convenience beyond three years also.


Dear Sir,

My son is studying in 10th standard (ICSE). He wants to take science in PUC as he is interested in getting into the engineering field. I am confused whether to put him in the regular PUC or + 2 (CBSE). Many say that +2 is difficult. Can you suggest suitable curriculum and schools in Bengaluru? 



Dear Sanjana,

Depending on how he has been scoring and how ambitious he is, he will need to aim for JEE or CET entrance exams after 12th. If he feels that he is capable of getting into all-India institutions through JEE, then it is better to struggle it out with +2 CBSE, even though it is a little difficult. CBSE syllabus will prepare him better to crack national level exams like JEE. He will have initial difficulty when he starts 11th, so it may be better if after his Board exams he goes through the 10th standard CBSE books and reads up portions that were not covered in ICSE. If he joins a good school in 11th he will get a strong foundation to get into a reputed engineering college.


Dear Sir,

I am studying in Class 12 (CBSE). I have chosen science stream with subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Home science. I am doing good in my studies. I opted for Home Science as I wanted to be a nutritionist. Now I have a sudden interest to become a doctor (maybe BDS). I am confused. Can you suggest which one is better and what I have to do to become a nutritionist or a dentist?

A student


Dear Student,

There is no such thing as a “better” career, it depends entirely on your personality traits, talents, ability to study, interest and aptitude. Explore and find out everything about life as a dentist and as a nutritionist. Visualise which type of work you will enjoy more. Then check out if you are talented enough to get a good rank in NEET to enable you to join MBBS or BDS. You may also consider getting some coaching after your 12th Boards to learn techniques of cracking the NEET exam. Getting admission in a BSc Nutrition course is comparatively easier (most colleges have a simple admission test of their own), and after your degree, you can aspire to go to a reputed institution like National Institute of Nutrition, CFTRI, etc. to specialise further.



Dear Sir,

I am good at sketching and painting and want to take it as my profession. How to go about it?



Dear Sonia,

Do get your creativity and design talent evaluated by experts in the field (not just coaching centres) and ensure that your abilities are to the standard required for you to work professionally in that field. Once you have done that you can decide whether you would like to take up a full-fledged 3- or 4-year degree like Bachelor of Design (BDes) or Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA), which will give you a strong foundation. There are shorter options in the form of diploma and certificate courses as well.


Dear Sir,

I have completed mechanical engineering with 58% marks. I am planning to do my Masters in mechanical engineering. Can you please suggest some good universities with a scholarship and good courses?



Dear Deepu,

All reputed universities in India such as IITs, NITs, BITS, VIT etc. offer Masters courses, and Mechanical engineering is one of the most common ones. Admission to the established institutions are through GATE exam (details on and which one you will get admission in will depend on your marks in the exam. Once you secure a seat you can look to see how you can apply for scholarships.


Dear Sir,

My daughter has completed her second PUC with Psychology, Sociology, Political Science and Economics as subjects. Now, in her undergraduate course, she has taken English, Economics and Psychology. Is this combination fine to become an economist or does she have to study any other subject? Also, guide regarding other related subjects as well as colleges in India and abroad.

Malathi V


Dear Malathi,

Since she is studying Economics as one of the subjects at her graduation, she is eligible for a Masters course in economics at any university. Ask her to explore and find out how life is in the field, the type of work that is required and the skills she needs to develop. Then she can start preparing in the final year for admission tests. Some institutes worth exploring are ISEC Bangalore, Delhi School of Economics, Indira Gandhi Institute of Developmental Research Mumbai, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics Pune, JNU Delhi, Presidency Kolkata.


Dear Sir,

I am a BBA student. Can you please guide me with some job-oriented short-term courses which I can pursue along with my course?



Dear Triya,

It is better you first set long-term goals about which field you would like to work in for the rest of your life. Based on that you can start taking up short-term courses that will help you move towards this goal. Alternatively, if you identify any shortcomings in you, you may take up training to overcome those limitations e.g. public speaking, English language, computer knowledge etc.


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