Work experience helps

Work experience helps


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Dear Sir,

I have done my Masters in English. But I am not getting the right job and most of the times my application gets rejected. This has made life tough for me. Can you please suggest how I can improve myself?



Dear Likhita,

Sorry to hear about the hurdles in making a beginning in your career, despite being well qualified. Ensure that you show a specific goal and purpose in your CV, indicating what type of work you are good at and what would you like to pursue in the long run. Be well prepared to answer questions pertaining to what you have written. When your application gets rejected, try and get some feedback from the HR Department why it happened, so that you can bring about the necessary changes. Be open to taking up a lesser-paid job initially, including, if necessary, an internship where you are not paid a full-fledged salary.

In the meanwhile, keep yourself occupied by doing meaningful work such as freelance writing, helping in an NGO, teaching English etc, which will add to your CV and impress future employers. Do not wait for the “right job,” getting work experience will slowly help you move towards better and more rewarding employment and career.


Dear Sir, 

I’m studying BSc in Geology. Can you suggest the branches I should focus on during my Masters and possible career opportunities?



Dear Ananya,

Having reached the degree level in a specialised field like Geology, you should be able to identify what branches interest you most, and what you would like to pursue as a long-term career. Match that to your personality traits and talents to ensure you will be able to perform efficiently.  If you are just not able to do so, then take up an entry-level job after graduation, get a feel of the world of work, and then decide about your higher education.


Dear Sir,

I am studying in Class 10. I have a great interest in art and I am planning to choose architecture as my career. But I am confused as I also wish to do Masters in Culinary Arts. Is there any way I can do both?



Dear Siddarth,

To become an architect, you need to study Math and Science in your +2. After 12th you will need to qualify in the National Aptitude Test for Architecture ( and then pursue a five-year BArch course. For Culinary arts, you can take up any optional subjects after 10th, and then apply to any of the reputed hospitality colleges that conduct a 3- or 4-year degree course in that subject. Admission is by individual entrance tests of the respective colleges. In India, there is no provision of doing both together. Get as much information as you can about both fields, check out your abilities and aptitude and then select the one that suits you most.


Dear Sir,

My son is studying in Class 10. He is good in studies as well as arts and crafts. He is planning to take up arts in PUC I and then opt for graphic design or animation course. Could you guide us about both these courses and which one is good for his career? Also, suggest good colleges in South Bengaluru. Can he do these courses after studying Commerce or Science?

A parent


Dear Parent,

Your son can get into Bachelor of Design or Bachelor of Visual Arts degree courses regardless of the subjects he has selected at +2 level. Do get his talent and creativity checked out by experts and then ask him to practice and sharpen his skills further in the next two years. There are many reputed institutions all over the country offering excellent design education, but if you wish to restrict to South Bengaluru, you have Bangalore, Jain, PESIT universities, ICAT College (, LISAA Academy (


Dear Sir,

I am a Class 12 (CBSE) student. I plan to study Biotechnology. I’m keen on research. I’m confused whether to opt for engineering or BSc. Could you please suggest the better option?



Dear Swapna,

Research in biotechnology can be taken up after either a BE or BSc degree in the subject. If you are more of a hands-on, practical and applications-oriented person, you may take up an engineering degree to start with. If you are a deep thinker, have a consistent concentration and an exploratory mind, you can take up a BSc, BS or an integrated BSc+MSc and then proceed for higher studies. Also start narrowing down which area of biotechnology interests you the most e.g. genetics, biochemistry, microbiology etc.


Dear Sir,

I finished PUC II and got my CET results. I got 33,087th rank in veterinary and around 42,000 in BPharm and DPharma. I’m really worried if I can get a seat for these courses and in case, I don’t get, I am looking for BSc courses. Please guide me as I am confused. 



Dear Bhavana,

Course selection should be done after you have finalised your long-term career goals i.e. which field you would like to be working in for the next 50 years. Do not go by where you are getting admission. Pharmacy, Veterinary and pure sciences are three completely different fields requiring very diverse skills, aptitude, personality traits and talent. Even if you get admission in a course, but you do not have the inclination and aptitude towards it, you will be struggling all through. Since it is too late for this academic year, and your ranks are not very high, you may consider either taking up a basic BSc degree in Life Sciences, or a gap year to do internships and short-term courses, and take a final decision in 2019.


Dear Sir,

My son has done his graduation with Microbiology, Chemistry and Zoology as subjects. Though he understands the subjects well, his scores are not high in theory, due to his limited way of answering. But he scores almost full in his practicals. Please suggest options for his higher education. 



Dear MS,

Since he has not been performing very well in theory, he may need to question whether he would like to move away from pure science to the application of science. For example, if he likes Zoology, he can study Wildlife, Animal Behaviour, grooming and mentoring of pets or managing animal farms. Similarly for Microbiology and Chemistry, whichever he likes most. It will be nice if he can visit and explore various organisations working in his chosen field, get a feel of the activities that go on there, perhaps even acquire some work experience, and then decide what higher studies he can take up next year.