Break free, travel with an open mind...

Break free, travel with an open mind...

Pilates expert Namrata Purohit believes in being flexible and patient while on the move, writes Shilpi Madan

Namrata Purohit

Pilates expert Namrata Purohit is a self-confessed organised packer. I usually make a list of things I need to take along a few days prior to when I actually start packing. This ensures that I avoid forgetting something, especially because sometimes I go to destinations where I may not have access to things last minute.

My favourites

My quick pack vanity caddy includes a sunblock, lip balm, my BareEarth face wash and Clinique after-sun face moisturiser. I always throw in a little black dress no matter where I am going. Just in case I plan on going out, I can wear it to a party, dinner or any formal event. In casuals, I make space for shorts or skirts, and crop tops — they are my all-time favourites. I love wearing hoops in my ears and always pack in a pair of hooped ear rings, and a couple of cool scarves.

Hats are a must for beach locations, just like beanies are for cold destinations.

I live in sneakers and usually carry two pairs of sneakers that go with all my outfits. Flip flops are a must for walks along the shingle.

Sweet cravings

In my handbag I always carry a book to read, and a small notebook to scribble about my trip, poems and other thoughts. Ear phones are an absolute must and I do not leave without packing my mother’s home-made laddoos. Packing a nibble is very important as I get cranky when I am hungry.

So, for everyone else’s sake and mine, it is best to carry something in my bag at all times.

My saviour comes in the form of the special laddoos that my mom makes. They are healthy, filling, and satiate sweet cravings effectively.

As they last for days, I end up carrying quite a few. I usually also carry at least one change of clothes in my hand bag.


Like every girl, I love shopping, for chocolates, sunglasses (I often need to be reminded that I cannot wear so many and that I have enough) and perfumes.

I feel being flexible and patient makes travelling enjoyable.

Things can change, weather can go awry, flights can get delayed, a new place may not work the way you’re used to things.

Always travel with an open mind and you will have the best time!

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