In nature's lap...

In nature's lap...

Actor Arjun Lokesh believes in travelling for leisure, writes Sharvani Kashyap

Srujan Lokesh

One of the rising stars of Kannada industry, Arjun Yogesh enjoys travelling as he believes in soaking in the freshness of nature and breathing the same into his life. He has acted in tele-serials like Akka and Maneye Manthralaya in the lead. Presently, he is part of Aramane Gili serial. He has also acted in movies like Enendhu Hesaridali, Athruptha. His upcoming movies are Nanna Prakara and Chase.

Arjun believes in travelling for leisure. He says, “Nature is the most important factor in any tourist attraction. Fresh air gives me peace and calmness.” His favourite destinations are Chikkamagaluru and Manali and he’s looking forward to travelling to Switzerland soon. “Being a nature-lover, I love train journeys as I get to experience nature’s peacefulness.”

Always plugged-in

I can’t travel if I don’t have my earphones and phone. I love listening to old Rajkumar songs and Hamsalekha’s compositions while travelling. It takes me to another world. I just feel everyone should travel once in a while as it refreshes the mind and brings about clarity of thought. I’m so engrossed in my day-to-day activities that I sometimes forget to relax and enjoy. To get away from my routine, I travel frequently. The journey is the best part of my travel.”

I always carry a few safety equipment to protect myself from all the threats and danger I might face in another place. I carry my phone or camera to click pictures and to upload them on social media. I also carry chargers and basic medicines because they’re important.

Favourite experiences

On my visit to Manali for a song shoot for the movie Chase, it was snowing at Rohtang and it was difficult to even breathe. The temperature was around -2 or -3 degree celsius but we continued shooting. My hands were frozen and had gone numb. For once it felt like I’d lost sensation in my hands. This was bone-chilling but memorable in its own way.

Another memorable trip was when I had gone on a trip from college with my friends whom I call ‘The Gang’.

We had been to Mullaiyana Giri in Chikkamagaluru.

A sudden swishing and howling of the wind made me fear that all of us would get swept away.

The wind kept whistling through the trees and swirling, yet, we had fun because we got to see the ferocious side of nature.