Koppal: historical, sacred & beautiful

Koppal: historical, sacred & beautiful

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Mahadeva Temple, Itagi

Surrounded by lush green hills on all three sides is the Koppal district of Karnataka. Also known as ‘Jaina Kashi’, meaning the ‘sacred place of Jains’, this place was earlier known as ‘Kopana Nagara’. Koppal, which was under the Hyderabad-Karnataka region earlier, was ruled by the Nizams till 1948. However, after Independence, Koppal came under Raichur district, and in April 1998, it became an independent district altogether, with four taluks in its province. Thought it’s a small district, there’s lots to see and do. Here’s a sneak peek:


Located on an island in Tungabadra river, in a small village called Anegundi, near Hampi, this place houses the brundavanas of nine prominent Hindu Madhva saints belonging to the Uttaradi Math, Raghavendra Math, Vyasaraja Math and Padaraja Math. There are two temples dedicated to Lord Ranganatha and Lord Hanuman, too.

Koppal Fort

Being one of the strongest forts of the country, this fort is a major tourist attraction. It is of immense historical value, too. According to history, Tipu Sultan acquired the fort from the Marathas in 1786 AD, and strengthened the fort with the help of French engineers. It is also stated that the fort was so strong that it even won the appreciation of British forces, who took over the fort with the help of Nizams in 1790.


Mahadeva Temple

Built by the Chalukyan ruler Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI, who was also known as Mahadeva, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and has shrines dedicated to Mahadeva’s parents, too. Built of soapstone, this temple has 68 pillars with exquisite designs and carvings and has a huge hall along with an anti-chamber. According to inscriptions, this temple is referred to as the ‘emperor among temples’.


Known for its temples dating back to the times of the Rashtrakutas and Chalukyas, as also the Navalinga group of temples, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kukanoor attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year. The two most important temples in this town are Kalleshwara and Mallikarjuna temples. Another temple of importance is MahaMaya temple in the heart of the town. This temple enjoys the distinction of being mentioned in the epic Mahabharata.

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Hanuman Temple, Kanakagiri, Kinhal, Muridabad, Hulligemma Temple and Gavisiddeshwara Temple.


Koppal is famous for jolada rotti and yengai palya (made of brinjal and spices). Bhajjis are also worth a try.


Savji Raghu Hotel. It is famous for javari-style rottis with non-veg condiments. This hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Koppal.