Repositioning cruise

Repositioning cruise

Repositioning cruises offer a great way to experience the wonderful world of cruising at a fraction of the regular fare, writes Gopi Nair


An eight-day transatlantic cruise from Southampton to New York on the luxurious and iconic Queen Mary 2, at just US$ 97 a night! Too good to be true? This in fact is the price on offer on one of the popular cruise consolidator websites, per person for an inside state room in August 2015. This translates to a whopping 60 - 70% off their regular price for a similar cruise, in- season. How on earth, or “sea” for that matter, is this possible?

Welcome to the world of hugely attractive and often rock-bottom prices on “Repositioning” Cruises. But what is a repositioning cruise?

Many cruise lines relocate their ships twice a year, moving them from one warm climate to another in search of more customers and popular itineraries, and they cost between 30-70% less than in-season cruises. Rather than move those ships across the Pacific, the Atlantic or the Suez Canal empty, they offer discounted one-way repositioning cruises. These cruise trips can take from one week to a month, depending on their departure and arrival points and the number of stops they make. They also allow one to visit unusual and exotic destinations en route.

Typically, major cruise companies position their ships in popular regions like Alaska and the Mediterranean during the peak summer months and move or reposition these vessels to warm waters of the Caribbean or Asia during winter months. These throw open interesting cruise itineraries as you can visit very interesting and out of the way cities en route.

Repositioning cruises are very popular with mature and senior cruisers. Apart from steep discounts, you can reap some extra benefits by travelling in the off-season; most of the travellers are mature, which offers you a chance to make plenty of new friends in your own age group.

The earlier you book these cruises, the more likely you are to get some great deals and choice of cabins. Seasoned cruisers plan years in advance to grab absolutely unbelievable deals. If you are a frequent cruiser, you will also benefit from repeat customer offers thrown in by these cruise companies. So what are you waiting for? Ask your cruise consultant to suggest a list of re positioning cruises for you to choose from.