Twitter Circle: Here's what you need to know about the new feature

Last Updated 05 May 2022, 09:39 IST

Over the years, Microblogging site Twitter has introduced several features such as mute, block that allow a user to avoid virtual confrontation with online bullies and trolls. There are also, Protected Acccount and Private Account features that allows only the selected people or for the former to follow those people.

Now, the company has announced the new feature Twitter Circle that offers more control to the user, wherein tweets will be visible only to select people present on the social media platform.

What is Twitter Circle?
Twitter Circle feature will let the user choose up to 150 people and form a group and post tweets and engage with those selected contacts. This will see a healthy debate within the group of known people with the same thoughts or different points of view. The company believes there will be less acrimony between the users of Twitter Circle.

How to open Twitter Circle?
If you are one of those lucky few, you'll see the option to create a Circle when you compose a new Tweet. And, a user can create on one Twitter Circle only.

Can a user come out of Twitter Circle?
Unfortunately, a user once added to a Twitter Circle, the former cannot come out of it. But, they will get the option to mute the conversation happening in the Twitter Circle. We believe users should have the option to come out of Twitter Circle and hopefully, the company offers an exit button similar to what we see on WhatsApp Group.

Is Twitter Circle available to all?
For now, it is available to select people around the world. It is expected to be made available to all in the coming months.

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(Published 05 May 2022, 08:29 IST)

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