Two youth brutally murdered in Udupi

Two youth brutally murdered in Udupi

Two youth were brutally murdered during a fight that erupted over the digging of a toilet pit at Manur in Kota in Udupi on Saturday night.

According to the police, the youth Bharath (25) and Yateesh (26) were murdered with lethal weapons by the accused Rajashekar Reddy and Chandrashekar Reddy.

A complaint has been lodged by one Lohit Poojary.

Poojary, in his complaint, has stated that he had attempted to stop his neighbour Rajashekar Reddy from constructing a toilet leech pit close to his well. He feared that the pit would pollute his well. When Reddy was adamant, Poojary approached the gram panchayat, health department officials and lodged a complaint against Reddy.

Based on the complaint, officials had inspected the spot. On Saturday, Poojary and his brother, fearing that their neighbour Reddy had hired assassins to murder them sought the help of their friend Bharat after locking themselves in a room. Bharat, along with Yateesh, and few other friends rushed to the spot.

While Poojary was narrating the incident of being stalked by Reddy’s assassins to Bharat and others, duo Rajashekar Reddy and Chandrashekar Reddy arrived at the house armed with lethal weapons. They first attacked Bharat and later Poojary and Yateesh, who rushed to the rescue of Bharat, the complaint stated.

Both Bharath and Yateesh, who sustained serious injuries in the attack, and were declared brought dead to the hospital. A case was registered against Rajashekar Reddy and Chandrashekar Reddy by Kota police station.