‘Union budget is an insult to farmers'

KPCC spokesperson and Vice President Prof Radhakrishna said that the NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has insulted the farmers of the country.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, he said that the announcement of Rs 6,000 direct income support was an insult to farmers.

“It is a betrayal. Farmers are facing a crisis due to vagaries of nature and a decline in prices of produce. At Rs 6,000 per year, the government will pay Rs 17 per day. This is an insult to the farmers of the country,” he remarked.

Radhakrishna said that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah were dangerous to the democracy in the country. “BJP’s alliance partners should beware of it,” he cautioned.

“The Centre has attempted to mislead middle-class people, by increasing the taxable income level. By presenting a full-fledged budget when Lok Sabha elections are nearing, is unconstitutional, improper and unethical. Instead of a vote-on-account budget, it has become an account of votes,” he quipped.

Stating that demonetisation was the biggest fault of the Modi-led government, he said that the measure had not benefited anyone.

Radhakrishna said that due to the increase in the gap between rich and poor, small farmers and merchants had become victims of an increase in such a gap.

“The Modi government and its supporters are engaged in hate campaigns. The Centre handled the Kashmir issue miserably. The citizenship bill has worsened the problem in North Eastern states,” he noted.

He accused the Centre of failing to generate employment in the country and weakening autonomous institutions like CBI and the Enforcement Directorate.

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