Unscientific drain works become death trap

Unscientific drain works become death trap

Construction materials being carelessly dumped along Bejai Main Road in Mangaluru.

Adding to the long list of unscientific construction of pedestrian paths by Mangaluru City Corporation, the stormwater drain-cum-pedestrian path on Bejai Main Road not only shows the lackadaisical attitude of the MCC officials towards public safety but also reflects substandard quality, causing inconveience to the people.

“People walking on the road need to be extra cautious so that they don’t stumbled on the construction material dumped on the roadside. Also, they have to keep an eye on the incomplete open drains, to prevent themselves from falling into it,” a senior citizen said.

The newly constructed concrete drain is left open at many places, which act as deathtrap. On the other hand, the drain is constructed by the MCC after breaking the interlock-laced paths leading to the nearby establishments, without proper plan and precautionary measures, the person said.

“Currently, the pathway has become too steep, making it difficult for the elderly to climb up and down. Incomplete works on stormwater drains on both sides of Bejai Main Road, have been acting as deathtraps. The authorities concerned has totally failed
to take up necessary measures in this regard,” the person added.

Lohith, a shopkeeper, said the concrete work of the drain was of poor quality and the concrete slabs were laid in an unscientific manner. The width of the drain is too narrow for the huge quantity of stormwater to pass through it during the rainy season. Moreover, the work is hit by an inordinate delay, adding to the inconvenience, he added.

Bejai ward corporator Lancelot Pinto said he was aware of the inconvenience caused to people due to the poor quality work.

He said he had asked the engineer concerned to rectify the problem.

“The uneven terrain has been a hindrance.”

Mangaluru City Corporation Assistant Engineer Rajesh said that the work was scientifically carried out. The MCC was not in any way responsible for the deformation of the path. It was the duty of the owner of the particular building to take precautionary measures while constructing the building.


Permanent Lok Adalat, Mangaluru Chairman D Kambegowda sustained fracture on his right leg, after he fell on the road on Friday evening.

He fell down when was walking on the interlocked path, which was dug up and steepened by the MCC.

Kambegowda’s son D Keshavamurthy, an engineer, said that the quality of work on the stretch was poor.