‘Vachanakaras upheld the importance of labour’

‘Vachanakaras upheld the importance of labour’

City Municipal Council President Shilpa Rajashekar, Deputy Commissioner M K Srirangaiah and others offer floral tributes to the portraits of Shivayogi Siddarameshwara, Ambigara Chowdaiah and Mahayogi Vemana at Chikkamagaluru on Saturday.

The reformers and great persons should not be restricted to a caste and people should inculcate the principles and preachings of the reformers, said City Municipal Council President Shilpa Rajashekar.

Speaking at Shivayogi Siddarameshwara, Mahayogi Vemana and Nijasharana Ambigara Chowdaiah Jayanti programme, organised by the district administration, she said reformers had strived had to bring reforms in the society. They tried to bind the minds of the people.

Retired lecturer B Tipperudrappa said Vachanakaras had worked hard to establish an egalitarian society by spreading the message on freedom, humanity and secularism.

The Jayantis of Shivayogi Siddarameshwara, Mahayogi Vemana, Nijasharana Ambigara Chowdaiah and others should not be restricted to celebrations alone. Their preachings and principles should be followed by all, he added.

The Vachanakaras had spread the message of universal brotherhood and upheld the importance of labour. Shivayogi Siddarameshwara was a Kayakayogi, who had given priority for laying road and construction of lakes. He had written over 68,000 vachanas. Unfortunately, only 2,000 vachanas are available now, he said.

Writer Belavadi Manjunath said, Mahayogi Vemana was a Telugu poet and had an immense knowledge. Fr William Johns had collected 15,000 poems written by Vemana.

Writer Chantnalli Mahesh said, “Research is being carried out on the works of Ambigara Chowdaiah. Chowdaiah’s burial ground and inscription was unearthed at Chowdadanapura in Haveri district.”