'Victory in Haifa war a proud moment for Mysureans'

'Victory in Haifa war a proud moment for Mysureans'

Members of the families of Risaldar A Lingaraj, Col J Desaraj Urs, Col B P Krishne Urs, Lt Col Abdul Gaffar and Sirdar Bahadur Chamaraja Urs were felicitated by Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar in Mysuru, recently. MPs Prathap Simha and R Dhruvanar

The commemoration of the centenary of the 'Battle of Haifa' makes Mysureans proud as it marks the victory of the contingent of brave soldiers and officers, comprising those from Mysuru, said Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar.

He was speaking during the centenary commemoration of the Battle of Haifa, organised by the Haifa Centenary Celebration Committee, here, recently.

MP Pratap Simha said, "It was a great war, fought by Mysuru Lancers at a time when they did not possess advanced war equipment, while the enemies, the Central Powers, fought with artilleries and machine guns. Mysuru Lancers, part of the mounted cavalry of the British Army, were armed with lances and swords. Even though not much is known about the Haifa war in India, the gallantry of the Indian soldiers, who fought and liberated Haifa, is immortalised in school textbooks of Israel."

Vishwanath said, "The Haifa war, fought under Major Dalpat Singh Shekhawat of Jodhpur, speaks volume about the courage and valour of Mysore Lancers, who did not back out despite lack of necessary armament. The last war fought by a cavalry in the First World War ended the 402-year rule of the Ottoman empire. Around 800 Indian soldiers, who lost their lives during the battle, have been buried in Israel. Every year, September 23 is celebrated as Haifa Day in Israel."

"It was an honour and a moment pride for every Mysurean to be a part of the celebration. The committee traced the family members of the soldiers who fought the battle and honoured them as part of the celebration. During the visit of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, early this year, the Teen Murti Road and Teen Murti Chowk in New Delhi were renamed as Teen Murti Haifa Road and Teen Murti Haifa Chowk, commemorating the centenary of the Battle of Haifa. A memorial should be built in memory of these brave soldiers in Mysuru also," he said.