Three reasons why coronavirus can cause silent hypoxia


Boston University biomedical engineers and collaborators from the University of Vermont have begun to crack one of the most life-threatening mysteries behind the relationship between silent hypoxia and coronavirus following different scenarios.

According to Science Daily, researchers are still unaware of the fact that tells the reason behind why the lungs of a Covid-19 patient stop providing oxygen to the bloodstream.

All the findings would be done with the help of computer models and comparisons with real patient data. The results of the research, attained after a deep study with the help of a computer model is been published in Nature Communications which unveils the study by the lead author of the new study Jacob Herrmann.

It states, "Silent hypoxia is likely caused by a combination of biological mechanisms that may occur simultaneously in the lungs of Covid-19 patients."

The good thing that researchers revealed is the ability of the lungs to constrict the blood vessels in absence of sufficient oxygen caused by an infection which then forces blood to flow through lung tissue crammed with oxygen, throughout the body.

The second scenario observed by the researchers with the help of a computer model found that silent hypoxia can provoke when the lining of blood vessels are inflamed from the Covid-infection