Water expert bats for jackfruit processing

Water expert bats for jackfruit processing

A demonstration on cutting jackfruit without getting its gum to hands by Shivanna Chikkamagaluru was a centre of attraction at ‘Akaala Halasu-Sangama 2018’ event on Saturday.

Rainwater harvesting expert Shree Padre said Indian jackfruits are in demand in the world, but they cannot be supplied to other countries according to the demand due to lack of proper processing systems.

Speaking at a two-day ‘Akaala Halasu-Sangama 2018’ at Sparsha Kala Mandira at B C Road on Saturday, he said jackfruit is produced in abundance. “We all have a responsibility to supply value-added products of jackfruit round-the-year to the market,” he said.

If Stree Shakthi Sanghas and cooperative institutions take interest in jackfruit, then it can become a business to promote value-added products of jackfruit, which in turn will boost the fruit to go global. This will overcome the problem of unemployment in the country, he said.

He hoped that jackfruit processing units will come up in the country in the next one year.

“Though the value-added products of jackfruits are thriving in Keala, machines have not developed much. Indonesia has mechanised jackfruit business. Jackfruit is a business in Mexico and Sri Lanka. Around 5,000 families in Sri Lanka are engaged in processing jackfruits. Though 30 lakh jackfruit Happalas are prepared annually in Kerala, there is still demand it. Twelve delicacies can be made of jackfruit seeds. Jackfruit pulp preparation is an exporting business in Maharashtra,” he explained.

Shree Padre said the government documents show that jackfruits are cultivated in 1,000 hectares of area in India. But there is no answer to where it is being cultivated, he said.

Agriculture expert Dr Karunakar said Siddu variety of a unique jackfruit with deep and coppery red flakes has a good demand in Tumakuru, Chikkaballapur, Doddaballapur and Bengaluru Rural districts. The variety weighs only two-and-a-half kg, he added.

Several varieties of jackfruits, jackfruit saplings, delicacies made from jackfruits, including cake, halwa, Happala, ice cream, Kabab, dry jackfruit, biriyani mix, chocolate, Holige, Dosa, pulp, juice, Podi, Payasa and Jamun were exhibited and sold.