Homemade liquor chocolates from a woman entrepreneur

Homemade liquor chocolates from a woman entrepreneur

Liquor chocolates by woman entrepreneur Shubha Ravindra.

Mention chocolate and children will smack their lips at the thought of a delicious chunk of chocolate melting in the mouth.

Now, here is another variety of chocolates that will make grown-ups with a penchant for alcohol smack their lips.

Shubha Ravindra, an entrepreneur of Bailakere, has launched a unique brand of chocolates with alcohol content.

Shubha is into the homemade chocolate business for many years. 

Beer, wine, liquor, brandy, whiskey, rum, vodka, bourbon, stout, scotch, champagne, tequila and gin are used as alcohol filling in the chocolates.

“Rum raisins, vodka vanilla, vodka lemongrass, vodka orange, gin, red wine are a rage among my adult customers,” Shubha told DH.

She said the alcohol chocolates are made purely on demand. However, they also have other varieties of chocolates which do not have alcohol in them. Shubha is also known for chocolates made from dry fruits. 

Shubha said two types of liquor chocolates are sold to customers. One is the soft variety and the other one is filled. The soft chocolates are made using liquor essence and dry fruits soaked in alcohol. The liquor content in this variety is less. The box costs Rs 80 and contains four pieces. The filled liquor chocolate contains 0.5 ml of liquor and costs Rs 40 per piece, she said.

Blueberry, blackcurrant, lychee and strawberry are some of the flavours.

She said that the alcohol chocolates are not sold to those below 18 years of age.

The most interesting part is that neither Shubha nor her husband have tasted the liquor chocolates they have made so far.

It is the customers who keep coming back for more of the delightful chunks of chocolate, she explained.