Women panel chief seeks re-constitution of ICCs

Women panel chief seeks re-constitution of ICCs

Chairperson of the State Women Rights Commission Nagalakshmi Bai said that she will urge the government to reconstitute all Internal Complaints Committees (ICC) in industries, institutions and organisations, to make them responsive and approachable.

Addressing media persons here on Wednesday, she asked if members of the management of the organisations are in the ICC, how will the aggrieved persons approach them?

Bai said that the Labour department in the whole state is in a slumber. “The officials, in the Labour department, are not functioning efficiently. The State Labour department is an utter failure. Everybody know that women employees are harassed and exploited in industries, including garmet factories, but, the Labour department has so far not taken any measure for their welfare,” she said.

Don’t break customs

When asked about the entry of women devotees into Sabaraimala Aiyappa temple in Kerala, on Wednesday morning, she said, one should not break the customs and traditions in the name of women rights. “The issue involves religion and spirituality. It is very sensitive. Either Muslim women seeking entry into mosques, or Hindu women seeking entry into Aiyappa temple in Sabarimala are against customs. Violation of the customs will hurt religious sentiments. On the pretext of fighting for rights, women should not create chaos in the society,” she said.

What is MeeToo#?

In reply to a question on MeeToo#, Bai asked, “What is MeeToo#?” She said, liberation and equality should not be restricted to the elite of the society. Liberation and equality should reach the women in villages. The media played up MeeToo# because celebrities and actors were involved. Many women in villages are exploited in many ways. But, does the media give space to them?” she asked.