Denied appointment for eyelash services, woman sets beautician's car ablaze

A video shared by the beautician shows an unnamed woman in a hoodie pouring some liquid on the car before setting it on flames.
Last Updated : 25 April 2024, 03:12 IST
Last Updated : 25 April 2024, 03:12 IST

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Marcella Orr, a Chicago-based beautician, is raising funds to replace her BMW which was set on fire by one of her clients. The client set the car on fire as she was unable to secure an appointment with Orr.

A video shared by the beautician on the internet shows an unnamed woman in a hoodie pouring some liquid on the car before setting it on fire.

Orr also shared screenshots of text messages with the client, which quite clearly showed the client’s desperation for an appointment for eyelash services after a month-long wait.

The situation escalated dramatically even after Orr said that she would not be able to accommodate her appointment due to prior appointments.

The text messages showed that the appointment was already scheduled for March 26, but the client did not respond then. Later on March 28, the client enquired whether she could get the appointment for the next day or the same evening. But, somehow Orr could not keep up with her request since she already had five appointments lined up back to back.

The client showed up outside the studio, repeatedly asking for an appointment for the service, but was politely refused by the beautician.

Several users have reacted to the video clip, calling it an insane act.

For her lost car, Marcella Orr has started a Go Fund Me campaign, where her goal is to raise $50,000 (approximately Rs 41 lakh). So far she has collected $1,560 (approximately Rs 1 lakh) from 71 donations.

“I appreciate and value all my customers so under normal circumstances I would have tried to squeeze her in; however I was also preparing to attend a women's empowerment conference the very next morning,” she said in the post.

“I've stayed silent and tried to process this in my own way but the act of someone destroying something that was worked so hard for has left me loss for words. Any donations will be greatly appreciated,” she added.

Published 25 April 2024, 03:12 IST

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